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Was there a mass email sent to all Cinelog owners?  I didn't get anything about the new software.

I guess my question is which look do you prefer?  :D  I mean it actually means we can have even more LOOKS via the different methods.  It seems if the issue is repeatable and the results consistent with either Resolve/RAW vs DNxHD then it's a happy accident IMO.

Stunning images.  Loved the color.  Looks like HDR the image pops so much.  I haven't used the Arri LOG-C yet.  Do you find it adds something special to your image?  I also use Resolve and Cinelog.  I'm also curious what LUT did you use to get the look at the end?

Been fun learning how to use Cinelog with Resolve 10.  I've been running my MLV's thru MLVMystic using the 2x2 Chroma smoothing.  So far everything looks pretty good.  It took a bit of work for me to figure out how to get my White Balance right, but it's getting easier as I keep practicing.  I've got some Commercials and a Wedding coming up over the next few months.  Should be ready by then.  Amazing how good the 50D can look considering it's older than any other DSLR I have.  VERY HAPPY with Cinelog so far.  Still got a lot to learn about Color Grading etc.

I'm not sure I understand the differences in going thru ACR versus Resolve or even RawTherapee to debayer.  Which will yield the best results regardless of time and what is the actual visual difference?

MEH!!!  I have a low level of technical knowledge about this subject.  I bought Cinelog because I needed a low cost, low CPU/GPU/Storage overhead, Easy to use workflow.  I wanted great results and from everything I saw this product could help get to great results for a relative noob like me.  I don't care about what seems to me to be an argument over semantics or purist techno babble.  For me workflow and end results are everything.

Thanks Andy600.  I'm gonna have some weddings and commercials to shoot over the next few months.  I'll try to use the 50D as much as possible.  I too am on the fence about the VAF.  I saw a very good test where the guy added sharpening and it literally looked just about as detailed as the original shot without the filter.  Still i'm going to be testing various lens and noise reduction processes to see how things go even without the filter.  I don't shoot cityscapes.  Mostly weddings, music videos, commercials and interviews.  So I may be able to get away without the VAF.

Andy600, what is your method of converting MLV to CDNG?  Does it matter which app you use in your experience.

Do you have a VAF for your 50D or do you just use crop mode all the time?  Cuz I don't see moire in your shots.

To be honest I want to mimic your process as much as possible because it is EXACTLY how I want my footage to look.

@50Deezil - Video Tuts are coming. I haven't made any screen captured tuts before so I need to set up everything to do it. That's my next job after the release of the Resolve version.

re: MLV - I would recommend mlv especially because of the metadata issues with .raw for Adobe workflows. Current Cinelog customers will get the Resolve version free so you have the option of either workflow.

Thanks Andy600.  I'm even more intrigued by the new Resolve 11 announcement. 

I'm curious if it's OK to convert files to CineformRAW and then do the Cinelog thing in Resolve?

Thanks Andy600.  Since I can go either with Resolve or ACR, I would really appreciate if you could do a test of a file using both methods to show the difference.  If it's not that much better maybe the Resolve method will be worth it in the end for convenience sake. 

To be honest I'm still a bit unsure of the best workflow so I look forward to any tutorials about the subject.  I've been intrigued by software like RAW4Pro and conversion to Cineform as part of my workflow, but again it's hard to know what is going to produce the best image quality with the fastest flow and smallest file sizes.

I assume that starting with MVL2DNG would be step one?  After that I'm lost.  Yes i'm a NOOB.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 50D
« on: March 28, 2014, 12:30:38 AM »
I loaded the latest build 3.27.14 and the first thing I noticed is that I was able to set the Shutter to 1/48 which had been an issue for me in the past.  I saw that the resolution had increased a bit to 1568x882.  I'm using a Komputerbay 32GB card.  I did notice that it takes longer for recording to actually start now.

The 1st time I tried to record it lasted just about a minute and then the camera reported 1 skipped frame and locked up, so I had to remove the battery.  After that it recorded for 5 minutes straight with no issues whatsoever. 

I noticed that at the start of a new recording the 3rd time the little Green Camera icon flashed Red and Yellow a few times before staying solid green as it started recording.

I also noticed that the remaining free Storage space doesn't update after a new recording until I turn the camera off and back on.

This is MLV Rec on
Global Draw on all modes
Zebras on
Spotmeter on
Waveform Small on
FPS Override on 23.976 (Exact FPS)
Expo. Sim on
LV DIGIC Peaking on
File Manager on
MLV Play on
Picture View on
Camera temp was at 48C after all the recording.

Will do more testing and report anything else I find.

This Cinelog development is so exciting for me.  I've been hoping for something to help me get the best out of my footage from my 50D.  Spring and Summer is coming and a ton of work with it.  Can't wait to get a comfortable workflow going.  What i've seen so far looks outstanding and I can only imagine how much better things will get.  Keep up the good work.

I asked earlier if there are any plans to produce short tutorials of how to best use Cinelog.  I see there are no videos on the website demonstrating the product.  Do you see that happening any time soon?

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 50D
« on: March 18, 2014, 03:00:45 AM »
Any news on the progress with the 50D Global Draw issue?  I've had issues with my 50D locking up on me, which never happened before.  This was with the March 9, 2014 build.

I have a 50D and i'm planning on buying a 7D.  I'm very interested in the Cinelog product, but wonder if they plan to create a video on the best workflows for the product using ACR or RAWTherapee?  I think this is very much needed for the novices out there like myself.  Thank you.

Raw Video / Re: Dynamic range? What dynamic range?
« on: January 02, 2014, 08:14:20 PM »
I did some research on the 50D and it's sensor isn't one of the best in terms of Dynamic Range.  It's about the same as a Panasonic GH2.  In fact it's VERY similar.  What I do believe is that RAW allows us to keep more of that dynamic range however limited it may be.  Canon's later sensors are all superior in this regard, but still not the best in the sensor world.  The best Dynamic Range is going to be at the base ISO.  So for the 50D that's about 100-200 ISO.  The measured Dynamic Range for the 50D is 11.6 EV max using ACR, but with a real range of 8.5 EV from ISO 200-1600 and the 5Dmkiii is about 12EV max.  Realistically we're probably talking about 10 stops of DR.  The thing is that the Canon Sensors aren't that great in the shadows.  Whatever Dynamic Range there is to be had will be better using RAW and the available RAW editing programs than the standard H.264.  This is just one aspect of the image tho.

The beauty of RAW is going to be the flexibility and the smoothness of gradation on color.  It just has a look that is much more pleasing in the end IMO.  Also we're getting some serious detail as opposed to the normal low detail Canon default video.  It's just a superior image using RAW.  It's extra work but for those who can appreciate the benefits it could be well worth the extra work to get a better overall image.

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