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Guys, I'm not making things up: using the terminal, the command
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
on my El Capitan 10.11.2 stopped and asked for the to be installed via App Store. And I have no problem with this! just saying it took a day via wifi (which is fine)

Re: dcraw: the version that is in my /Users/piotr/Library/Services/MLP.workflow/Contents/ folder is v9.26.
So it seems to be the same as in MLP.ZIP/source_binaries/dcraw_GPLv2+.txt

MLP is pretty... experimental and needs some knowledge in shell use.
I'm just sharing my observations, perhaps some of ML users may find them useful | P
Quote from: Danne on January 20, 2016, 06:58:17 PM
Are you using the latest MLP version?

Hmmm... The versions are not numbered or dated, are they? The way I update is by reading this thread. If new binaries are needed, I install them (for instance, the ffmpeg via brew). I then download and unzip the MLP.ZIP file and click MLP.workflow. The system says there is an old one, and shall it be replaced. I say 'yes'.

Is there another way to upgrade the MLP? | P
Thanks @Danne!

It works for me; I was able to process the HDR MOV!
However, some points to note:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
command needs the to be pre-installed (and this is > 4 Gb download)

brew install ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac --with-ffplay
command installs new version of ffmpeg in /usr/local/Cellar/ffmpeg/2.8.5/bin folder (and adds links to /usr/local/bin/ folder)

So, in order to use the MLP, one needs to remove the old ffmpeg (I renamed it by:
1. cd /Users/piotr/Library/Services/MLP.workflow/Contents/
2. mv ffmpeg ffmpeg.old

And, to copy the new ffmpeg installed by brew into MLP folder:
cp -p /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg /Users/piotr/Library/Services/MLP.workflow/Contents/

Then, MLP was able to create the HDR version of the MOV file

One thing I cannot fix is the looks_creator.command
Every time I use it, the OS X says it was downloaded by Chrome and is dangerous... Have to go to the security settings and allow to use it. How to disable this warning?

Thanks again! | P
dmilligan, where can I download version 5.0 of the module?
The most recent version 6.0 works with 5DIII firmware of 2015-12-20, but I'm, getting pink frames in MLV, so I downgraded to no-pink frames firmware of 2014-05-23
And firmware of 2014-05-23 says I need 5.0

Thanks | P
Danne please see my earlier post.

I am talking about the possibility to turn an alternating low/high ISO HDR MLV or MOV file -- into a HDR movie.
See this, minute:seconds 12:47

It works with "folder_ProRes444_lut  service"
How to do the same with "MLV" service instead? | P
Thanks Danne. I did, but this is for MPL workflow, not the folder_ProRes444_lut workflow.
In the folder_ProRes444_lut workflow, one creates HDR folder and it works.
How to deal with the same (alternating low/high ISO) in MLV workflow?
Thanks | P
Danne, thanks for all of this, I really appreciate your work and the help of other ML gurus
It is very complicated though...

I am trying to "develop" a MLV movie with alternating low/high ISO HDR (image A/image B -> merged C).
In the "old" times, it was the script made by a1ex:
It worked on JPEGs

Now, it is yours, working on DNGs, though only for Mac

1. Is it correct that the only way to develop alternating low/high ISO HDR MLVs is to run folder_ProRes444_lut service twice, and create an additional HDR folder, as in this video 12:47
I wasn't able to use "MLV" service instead of folder_ProRes444_lut  service... and I'm not sure which is more recent

2. This technique produced a resulting MOV file.
How to prohibit the script from deleting the "merged" C files? To use them in, e.g., DaVinci Resolve?

3. Could you provide the basic bash scripts that sort out the A and B images from the folder with DNGs and create the merged C images please? Having all the binaries for Windows, and rewriting the bash script, why not to use that technique also in Windows, instead of the old Alex's HDR-workflow-051 (which is still the greatest thing on Win :) ?

Thanks in advance and best wishes | P
I moved today to the latest build of May 23, 2014 (deleted an old ML from SD card, and copied the content of ZIP to SD card, so no old setting persisted)

I am getting a strange preview following a shot.
It is sometimes on the pink background. The histogram I am using is RAW HistoBar (not the Full Histogram that actuall appears at the preview)
Am I doing somehing wrong?

Thanks | P
And... how to upgrade from an earlier build to the most recent? Remove SD card, format and copy new files? Thanks | P
Quote from: okuri71 on March 01, 2014, 03:17:22 PM
Hi! Is it possible having Iso 25 on 6D?

This is my first post here, just want to say hello, and extreme respect to ML team!
I would also love to have the feature of low ISO, even lower than 25.
I do a lot of blurred pictures, for that using natural density filters, but you can't have them for all possible lenses (filter diameters).
Than you | Piotr