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Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 07, 2013, 09:44:10 PM
Quote from: derkiki on September 07, 2013, 04:47:24 PM
I think you can set recording to start with half shutter, which is remotely triggerable.

Great, thank you ,much appreciated.

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 07, 2013, 01:59:45 PM
Exciting news about prototype, :) guys!

Sorry to bump in guys,
I was away from forum a little, have a question if you can help me with.

Current new set up is 2 x 50D and BMCC multi camera set up.

I ll be filming cinemascope 2.39 with all three camera RAW , BMCC will be A camera and 50D'S mounted on Jib and Steady cam and/or slider simultaneously  .

Question is can 50D be activated to record RAW from remote button or any other ways, wish to be able to record  while keeping an eye on 7" monitor on my jib,
not having to go every time on "Action" and play with camera ,apart from focus thing.

Thanks for your help and yes I am 50D supporter ;) long life to ML!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 04, 2013, 06:37:04 AM
@ fromdecember - when filming green screen you need to go higher shutter speed to eliminate flicker with all cameras,try raising it to about
between 1/80 - 1/100, also if using some cheaper fluorescent lights this can be issue.
I ve been doing green screen extensivly for past 7 years since mini DV 1/4 inch camcorders were the only option for indy film makers and had to encounter all kind of issues...
Hope this will help out.

Great skills too,this guys are fantastic real martial artists,well done!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
July 13, 2013, 06:04:45 PM

Tested many times times today and happy to confirm those numbers above they are correct , also just discovered that crop mode x5 at 24 fps I am able to just get continues shoot at 2000 x 910 ! yes,it writes about 71- 73.7MB/s  sitting  stable,shot 12GB STRAIGHT then my battery went flat,oops...forgot to charge/change...CONFIDENT WILL DO FULL CARD AT 2000 X 910 AT 24 FPS WITH TRANSCEND X1000 32GB
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
July 13, 2013, 04:09:36 PM
I am getting continues  OK shooting at 2000 x 852 with Transcend x1000 32GB in x5 mode at 25fps,
also 1584 x 1056 continues Ok in normal LV mode with latest Gregory's build from 11th July(hack on - card warm up 128 MB)

and in 1920 X 1080  (X5 mode) getting 308 frames at 25 fps  and  426 frames at 23.984 fps

This is huge improvement , previously only was getting up to 1340 x 1058 continues shoot.

This is real stable now ,of coarse also using exposure override and ISO works well.

Now would be  comfortable to go  and film music vid  paid gig with 2 x 50d cameras .
It writes up to 75MB/S !

Nice film look , impressive!

RAW 1280 x 1058 >CDNG>Resolve 9 lite>RGB RAW 8 Bit >Sony AVC MP4 16Mb/s Vegas 12 Pro build 563

(Vimeo didn't accept it as HD for some reason so here is You Tube version)


Test done today with 50D RAW shot at 1280 x 1058   Anamorphic x 2 with Carl Zeiss Anamorphot and Nkon 50 1.8 E "Pancake".
Converted to 16 BIT Cinema DNG , then imported  to Resolve Lite 9 with no grading at all exported to Uncompressed RGB 8 BIT full range.
From there straight to Vegas 12 PRO , very light sharpening and light contrast adjustment.

More to come....
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 19, 2013, 10:37:27 PM

Hi guys, new here and finding interesting helpful stuff here and wanted to share experiences with Transcend 1000x 32 GB.
I am finding that depending on resolution you are filming memory buffer will change.
When filming 1280 x 960 I get speed start at 56mb and shortly climb upto 65-67mb with only one star or ocassionally 2 stars

and fills the whole 32GB card with no frame drop outs.

However, if I was to film in higher resolution memory buffer  will drop to 41-50mb and frame skip also depending on resolution.


:oYes, it was quick dirty test, in not so nice condition , however it is the first clip ever to manage to get out of 50D workflow and  anamorphic set up ever so wanted to share.

Now I can focus on getting some perfect lighting and great subject shots.


Just excited that I figured it all out after following this forum for few weeks and ordering gear, most of the gear came on Friday,including anamorphics and fast cards.

Found this to be easy workflow with RAWANISER /CINEFORM PRORES 444/VEGAS PRO 12 BUILD 563