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Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 03, 2013, 02:22:38 AM
What raw mod can I use that will work with my UDMA 7 Lexar 800x (45mbs write speed) card?

I installed magiclantern-Andy600.Build.2013Aug01.50D109 and I guess it's 70mbs RAW video and it keeps stopping on me. :(

EDIT - I changed Bitrate mode to FW Default and it works now. :)

EDIT 2 - It appears I have no idea what I was doing. lol. Looks like I have to adjust Resolution to my cards capabilities. :P
Got it working again. Thank GOD.

Formatted card on PC.
Reloaded ML onto it.
EOSCard set to boot.

And then it took probably 10 tries and finally it boots up normal now.

This card is NEVER leaving this camera again - as long as I'm still using ML. :(
From this link:

QuoteDon't remove your card too fast!
After you open the card door, most cameras will access it during the next few seconds. These cameras usually do a short LED blink when it's safe to remove the card.

The card access is usually done without LED activity (and this can't be fixed without reflashing Canon firmware with a modified version). That's why you really need to be patient when removing the card.

If you remove the card too early, the camera will lock up and will slowly drain your battery.

Affected cameras:

50D: card activity takes place without any LED blinks; after opening the card door, wait for 5 seconds before removing the card (even if camera was turned off hours ago!)

I think that's my problem maybe.
I just noticed the 2 sticky threads in Emergency Care subforum. I guess I can try those later today when I get home (at work now)....
It won't boot in any modes.

It won't boot with card removed.
ML was working perfectly on my 50D. Now it won't boot up whatsoever. No lights, no signs of life. Batteries full, etc. Tried pulling batteries, grip, backup battery, etc. Nothing.

Mistake #1:
I never disabled Sensor Cleaning. Didn't know about that until after the fact.

Mistake #2:
I have a bad habit of pulling the CF card out with the camera set to ON. I pulled it out and now this is the result. I couldn't find any relevant answer after my exhaustive searches. Right now I just want a functional camera.

I've tried:
Pulling camera batteries, removed battery grip, removed backup battery, let it sit, on/off, etc.
EOSCard saved settings with bootable enabled. ML card contents are as they should.

Please help. Thank you.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
May 29, 2013, 04:27:11 PM
Hey everyone, found out about ML yesterday from Engadget. Installed it last night on my 50D. LOVE IT!

But a quick question for you guys, as there is no audio, do you just buy a good audio recorder to sync up?

I'd like something that's somewhat lowprofile to mount on the 50D's hotshoe. Any suggestions?

What about?

Tascam DR-07mkII Portable Digital Audio Recorder


Revo Hot Shoe to 1/4"-20 Male Post Adapter

Is that typically what you guys are doing? Any way to have recording start and stop at the same time as video recording?