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The sensor size limits us from 1920x1080 without using crop mode. 1856x1044...We are really only talking about a few dozen pixels in either axis, so if you up-res in AE or something, it is really not noticeable. There is a thread called "current raw capabilities" that will let you know all of the maximums for all of the cameras running ML. Happy shooting!
Ive read through this forum and the LR plugin one, I can successfully take a DUALISO raw phot, but for the life of me, I am not able to enable the raw video (either 1.0 or 2.0MLV) with dual ISO... I just skimmed back through this forum to see if I was missing something, if I am I was unable to find it. So... can I shoot dual ISO RAW video on the 5d mk2?
If I can, please let me know which settings to enable,as my experimentation has so far not revealed the proper setup, each time I enable dual iso, raw video greys out, each time I enable raw video, dual iso greys out. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
General Chat / Re: Strap recommendations
April 23, 2015, 12:05:52 PM
Greetings, technically not a strap, but I love my SpiderPro!
I wear it on my ThinkTank speed belt and have no problems whatsoever with camera support.
It is very sturdy, camera is available when I need it, and out of the way when I don't.
I have a BlackRapid, but I also do not like the way it slides around.
Basically camera support is all about what you feel comfortable with. I will add that when the Spider Pro holster is available,
I will probably add that to the mix.
Thanks so much, dmilligan! That was one thing that I hadn't tried and the one thing that worked. I am not sure how well, but a simple 10-shot test seemed to do fine. THANKS!! :)
I must confess, I do not understand. Is tehre something special I must do in order to use intervalometer with Full Res Silent Pics on the 5Dmkii? Any help is much appreciated. I am in SF this weekend for a journalism conference and would love to be able to get some crowded Market street timelapses without burning out my tired shutter  :) As it is now, I get one photo with a black bar across it that says "intervalometer waiting for first pic..."
Thanks everyone.
Greetings, I am attempting FRSP with intervalometer on my 5D2 and I am only getting one picture with an ugly black bar across the pic with "intervalometer wating for first pic" across it. Please help, I am using the latest nightly, I have tried with IV set to take photo on half shutter and on first pic, I have the IV set to like ten pics, the shutter is at like 1/15 of a sec, I have tried with canon menu review time like 2 sec and off, expo override on and off, MLV and DNG... I imagine there is some small thing I am missing, not a noob to ML, but to FRSP I guess I am. Could someone who is successfully setting up FRSP with intervalometer please let me know what I might be missing? Thanks to all the devs!!! a1ex g33o mk1174 and everyone!!
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
August 21, 2014, 10:05:07 AM
Hi, I just got a hold of the new codec and I am wondering if anyone can tell me why I can only choose millions of colors and not trillions as I could with ProRes 4444 in AE? Thanks so much, and thanks reddeercity for the heads-up on how to grab the codec.
 :) Nice work, once again a1ex et al!
I am hoping that someone who does end up testing this on a 5d2 would share the module for the less code-savvy of us. I really can't wait to try. :)
This should simplify things enormously... too bad 60D is only 960 res ::)
Share Your Videos / Re: 500D RAW test
June 17, 2013, 12:18:17 AM
More Raw video from the 500D, this time in timelapse.

Greetings, The sync-beep function inRaw module is more than enough for syncing audio from H4n. By the way, I have been happy with a Rode NTG2 for audio.
My two cents.
Greetings, I just thought of one more reason to use this mod in stead of silent pics, I think we are limited to 1000 frames in silent pics.
-edit- I am testing now to see if this mod will let me go over 1000 frames or not, I have to go to a one-second or more interval to be able to record at 1584-636 on my 500D without filling the buffer.
-edit- As I suspected, I was able to shoot well over 1000 frames using this frame-skipping mod._
Honestly, a1ex, I do not know any reason not to just use the intervalometer and silent pics, I shot a little test just now to make sure it really was that simple and sure enough it seemed to be. I do think that I was given a limit on the number of frames, and if they are considerably less than those available with this module, that could be a reason. As it is, the straight DNGs from silent pics are missing the white stripe and are one less post-pro step from greatness! Thanks for the suggestion.
Super, dhilung. I just got through testing this module with my 500D and I am liking it, however there is a white stripe at the bottom of frame and I am wondering if this is due to the resolution (1584x636... which was highest i was allowed) that I used or if it is a bug of this mod. Thanks so much for this, and I am looking forward to using it as my last timelapse wasnt all that I desired. Keep up the good work. By the way, the white stripe is easy enough to cover with a black solid in AE...
This is a thorough video that does what it says, it gets you to the point of compiling ML. Thanks so much to mk11174!
Greetings, I am haveing a little trouble compiling a build with RAW and ETTR support for the 500D using the pre-built Linux box available here. I was hoping that someone would build a bin with these features for the 500D. Thanks again, to mk11174 for giving a build with Raw enabled, it has allowed me to test the Raw module on tis camera. One again, please build a current bin for 500d with raw and autoETTR enabled. Thanks so much...
p.s. if anyone is using the linux pre-built box and has some pointers on how to compile using it, I would love any advice.
Greetings. I love the photo, i was thinking when those storms came through that it would be awesome to have an unobstructed view of the sky and try to use motion detect to get some of the bolts. there was one huge boom at like three that set off car alarms all through the neighborhood, great job grabbing the light!
Share Your Videos / Re: 500D RAW test
June 10, 2013, 01:41:01 PM
Thanks for your reply, so am I correct in assuming that I would have to specifically request a build for autoETTR and modules enabled? May I? Thanks so much.
Share Your Videos / 500D RAW test
June 10, 2013, 12:44:07 PM
This is great, I really like the depth and breadth. This was shot at 12fps on a 500D with Tragic Lantern Raw module enabled at 1532x524 and then up-res'd in AE. Minimal post-processing including a little sharpening, a little film grain, a little stablising (my lens was catching ever so slightly when follow-focusing with a Genus FF) I encoded to ProRess 422 and then transcoded to up to youtube. Thanks again to mk11174 for sharing the bin for 500D with modules enabled for raw!! If anyone knows how to enable auto ETTR on this camera, please share. Thanks to all devs of this wonderful software.
this is from the 500D, I hope you all dont mind me putting it in this forum. I shot it at 12fps to gain higher resolution in camera. Thanks again mk11174 for the bin with Modules, btw can anyone tell me if the Auto ETTR is a module or if I would have to plead for a bin with it enabled for the 500d? Thanks for your time.
Greetings, I am pleased to report that with my old 500D and a SanDisk ExtremePro 95 MB/s I am able to get 1152X400 @24fps continuous, which scales nicely to 1280X720 in AE with a little noise reduction and sharpening. The Module I used is the tragic lantern, enabled with a bin that mk11174 floated my way. The results look good, although no 1080p, but it is an old camera (which I would trade in a heartbeat for a 50D, which is even older ;-)
Just thought I would report, as I am extremely happy to be on the bleeding edge with the rest of you all. Thanks so much, a1ex, 1%, mk11174 and everyone else that is developing this fine piece of software.
ps if there is something that I'm missing as far as pulling higher res from this camera/card combo, please let me know.
Thanks so much, mk11174. I will let you all know how it goes on the old 500d!!!
Thanks so much, mk111174. When I go to load the modules I get an error:
tcc: error: undefined symbol 'FIO_SeekFile"
[E] failed to link modules

This is as close as I have come to being able to use the RAW Video, so I am very grateful and excited, if someone could help me get past this error, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again, mk11174!
Greetings, I would be very grateful for  a bin that allows raw video on my 500d. Thanks so much for the offer.
Mk111174, you stated yesterday that the 500d is getting 1280x400+ at 24fps, is this in raw?  How?  I have been trying to find a thread on the 500d raw and have been unsuccessful, please turn me in right direction.  Thanks and please don't be angry if there was somewhere else to post this.  Thank you.