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Quote from: Pelican on June 26, 2013, 09:51:00 PM

Maybe 7D ML never come out from alpha stage because the developers always busy with exciting new findings like RAW video.
Don't forget ML was  impossible  on 7D almost for 3 years long...

That's I wrote before.

A big challenge is to improve the ML alpha or to developp  the Raw video on the 7D but it is less exciting..
Quote from: angelom on June 25, 2013, 10:55:08 PMso no reason to believe that the 2.3a2 could/would/will be the last one.

Of course but on one message we can feel their despair. I hope to have an new ML with Raw, but for the moment, now, they work on the Raw module for all the other cameras. You can read it too on the forum somewhere and I talked with a developper on the chat... idem...
Quote from: angelom on June 25, 2013, 10:56:26 PM
Try to pull out the little round battery for at least one hour... just a try...

Yes, I had the same problem last week, I pull out the little button battery 10 seconds and after no problem
Quote from: angelom on June 25, 2013, 01:16:44 PM
That doesn't mean this:
The fact they don't write anything here doesn't mean that they aren't working to the code, no need to loose time writing something here until they'll have really something to say.
Maybe you forgot that months ago there was no chance to have ML working on the 7D and probably no one would have make a bet on it, but then they found the trick and now we're enjoying it.

They have written that It will be nearly impossible. It is written. You can read. Then, they don't need to come here to tell "nothing new" "nothing new"....
It is not the same problem that ML on 7D... They can not access to the 2 DIGICs for the RAW stream. They have managed to "enter", to hack the 7D but the problem is not that.

Then, they have written that if it is to difficult, there won't be any update for the 7D. The ML 2.3a2 may be the last one.

But I hope too... I have a 7D.
Quote from: arrinkiiii on June 23, 2013, 08:33:35 PM
almost then everything (raw)  ::) Petition?

Do you know any treat that I can read about the ML bit rate (GOP, CBR, Flush, All-I, etc) ?


I think that they know many people are waiting for the RAW video feature for the 7D ( and crop zoom etc....)
But It is difficult and they maybe have cancelled to work on the 7D. They prefer working on the simple DIGIC camera to purpose many new functionnalities for the other DSLR.

Maybe, with a miracle, we will have a Magic Lantern Raw function. But... When I read what the developpers have said, I think we will never see an update of the ML2.3 α2

They don't write anything here, on this topic... no news....
We can be optimistic but I think that they favor the other developments for the EOS 5,6,600 etc... They have made us understand that they do not try to insist if it is too complicated and they preferred to work for other EOS. The Alpha 2 is surely the last version of ML for EOS 7D.

I have bought the 7D because it was the best DLSR for the price. The 5 and the 1 was really more expensive. The Video mode is good too and I have bought it for this function too.

I am sure that they can find bu .they have a life, a family, a job etc... and the Raw mode has their time. And for the other cameras, they can progress. They are stuck with the 7D.
I 've wanted to say that I feel the same way when I saw "7D" on the same page of "RAW video" by example. But, we didn't knows if it will be possible.

We have to be patient. Of course, they are concentrated by the raw stuff, the raw buzz for the other cameras. We don't know if they progress but we are told to be patient. But it is very difficult.

Wait. Every day, I come on the forum (and on the chat) to seach "7D".

Quote from: John-Jo on June 02, 2013, 01:56:48 PM
5th a few minuets ago when i read "uncompressed YUV422 and 14-bit RAW video recording " and 7D on the same page...

There seems to be a trend here. Things just keep getting better and better. THANKS!but can follow instructions for tests etc :) 

Thanks once again.

Exactly the same thing. Wait...
Quote from: edwmotion on May 31, 2013, 12:29:50 PM
Nice, you're getting ready for raw....  :D

Yes but... For the moment, it is not for now.... Just a dream...
Ok thx.
Then be patient
We must be patient.
I follow everything that is said about the EOS in general. I like it. I am sure that they work a lot : for all EOS and maybe for the 7D.
For the moment, no RAW video for the 7D... calculate the rate to buy the good CF if not necessary ;-) It is just for fun.
We have to be patient but we can expect. It is free :-) (not like a CF 1000x 128GB).

We are enthusiastic. We are not sure if it will be to catch the RAW stream to record it. Maybe we will be disappointed and frustrated. But I think that we must show Nanomad and the other that we are concerned and interested.

It is important to know that a lot of people intend for Nanomad and the team to motivate them.

I don't know if he has increased ?

At one point, he was optimistic. Maybe he is looking for a solution...Maybe he has abandoned. I don't know.

In the meantime, we are speculating to dream : The good CF speed by example...

Quote from: g3gg0 on April 26, 2013, 10:56:53 PM
Quotei am still working on YUV422 videos (continuous 12.5 fps works already).
i think it is able to record in RAW also, but first i want to get YUV422 working flawless.
will test it on 7D as soon it works on 5D3

I hadn't never read this. I am happy, it is hopeful.

I was not sure that they continue to be concentraded by the 7D. I was afraid that they prefer forget, a little, the 7D to work on the 5Dmk3 and all the cameras which are a little more simple to hack.
This is not the same product and the same price. I can't make the same thing and I love believing that g3gg0 and the team will manage.
Menu-->DEBUG---> the 10th line
EOS 7D needs You

We support them. We encourage them like many people can be fans of a baseball team. Not really subtle but enthusiastic ... perhaps too.

It is not a lack of respect. We can just show us our motivation. I can not help them to develop.

I can pretend not to be interested and waiting They manage and download the FW after and don't participate.

I prefer (bad?) humor, some winks... It is my opinion. But I can wait in silence too.
I totally agree but when you see the ambient enthusiasm , it is difficult for us. we are not members of the club...

That's why I am boring. Just like a school. All the children have a toy, the must-have... and you are the only one who don't have it.
It is difficult. We feel excluded.

It is a sensation, it is not right. I know that they try. I know they make eventhing to manage. It is a challenge.

I thank them.

We don't want to be unpleasant.

Best Regards


I would like to know if HDR video will be possible for the EOS 7D? Meanwhile the RAW video mode (an other topic ?).


It is famous, not new but...

I have found this. Maybe you have already met this sytem : 

With four cards in Raid 0... secure, fast, compact, easy etc...

Quote from: dude on May 21, 2013, 03:19:49 PM
The fact that you are not able to READ (especially the first and most important page)
- NO, not all models are supported yet ;)

"Yet" : That's why I prefer asking for the 7D. I want to be the first  ;)

I am aware of being boring ... I wanted to know if it will be possible on the 7D. You've explained to me the problem of slow bus between the two chips, but I can not resign myself. But I try;-)

g3gg0, Alex and the other ones : Thx.
I think that we are all grateful.
It is sure.

I think we would all like this new feature is present on our EOS 7D. The price difference between the 7D and 5 is huge and many have a 7D. And the fact that there are two chips connected by a slow bus is the problem.

It is a little a hardware problem. Not a problem of performance. Many "little" Canon is able to record video in raw mode.

Dual core is not better ;-)

Let us be patient, respect team. It is a challenge for them, I'm sure that everything is done to succeed. If they can not do it, nobody can do it.

Thanks a lot at ML, g3gg0 and Alex.
It is just the actual one. The Alpha 2. Not for the EOS 7D RAW Video
Quote from: g3gg0 on May 16, 2013, 01:50:42 AM
its not that easy.
the slave processor ML runs on, doesnt have access to the raw data stream as it seems :(


I hope that you will succeed in making it possible to record in RAW for the EOS 7D.

Thanks a lot for your work. I will follow the evolutions (if they are possible  :'( ).