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Share Your Videos / 30 second commercial shot on 5D Mark ii raw
« on: October 06, 2014, 05:49:17 PM »
Mike Amabile For Mayor

Shot on 5D Mark ii raw using 85mm F1.8 prime, Tokina 11-16mm (at 16mm), and Canon 70-200mm F2.8 lenses.

Hi all,

here is a video I shot and edited for an adoption agency called Bethany Christian Services. Almost everything shot with a Canon 5D Mark ii, interviews shot norma Canon h.264, but almost all B-roll shot using ML RAW 1600x900. In the shots in the first 30 seconds where the children on the swings disappear that was shot RAW in front of blue screen.

I love the ability to shoot raw - great stuff ML team - thank you!

Matt Martin
MVP Media

Share Your Videos / Re: Commercial shot on 600D T3i 960x500 raw
« on: May 31, 2013, 07:51:21 PM »
thanks for your post! For audio I used a clapboard and recorded the audio to a Zoom H4n, and then just synced the audio with the video in post by hand. I didn't have any issues there. Where I did run into some problems was if I changed some settings or left global draw on and forgot to turn it off or format the card before shooting again I would get some magenta noise in some of the frames. ( I didn't use any of the shots with the noise). It's very possible that the latest builds alleviate that issue though.

And yes, even at the lower resolution of 960x500, in raw there is more detail and dynamic range than when shooting h.264. So much better. I am saving my pennies to get a Canon 5D mark iii so I don't have to use the lower resolution and deal with the cropped sensor issues, but still get 14 bit raw.

Thanks again,


Share Your Videos / Commercial shot on 600D T3i 960x500 raw
« on: May 31, 2013, 05:47:17 PM »

Hi all, here' are a couple interview clips shot in 960x500 raw on the 600D T3i:

This second one with Randy I underexposed by accident - it's taking me a while to get used to the difference when you shoot in raw. Learning to use the raw histogram has been good. It seems like if I light for what is a good exposure when shooting h264 I get a dark shot in raw and have to boost it up in post and introduce noise. I'm learning to "expose to the right" when shooting raw.

Both clips shot with Canon EF 28mm prime lens at F1.8, key light is Kino Flo Diva 400 fluorescent light, fill is provided by a reflector, parts of the background lit with a Zylight Z90 LED light.

Thank you Scrax!


Here are a few shots from a prison ministry outreach event held this last Saturday, May 18 at Salinas Valley State Prison in California. Prison Fellowship brought in a team of more than 30 volunteers to minister to inmates in the level 4 maximum security area of Salinas Valley prison. It was a great day.
I shot just a few shots that day in raw as a test. Shot in 960x500 resolution raw on a Canon t3i (600D) using Magic Lantern firmware. I did get some frames corrupted with magenta blocking and tearing, but not too bad. I edited out those frames for this video. Lens: Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. ISO: 200 Aperture: F3.2. Genus Variable ND filter. Sorry the sound doesn't match up - I used sound recorded earlier in the day on a Zoom H4n and used it with these clips.
Workflow - I used dng2raw from Magic Lantern to convert the raw files to dng files on my MacBookPro. I opened the dng files in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5, applied basic settings, and saved as TIFF files. Opened the image sequence in Quicktime 7. Exported as ProRes HQ movie. Edited the ProResHQ movies in Premiere Pro CS 5.5, exported as a ProRes HQ movie, uploaded to Vimeo.

I haven't tried the 600D "NewChannel" build yet - the Edmac Popin one has been working great for me.


This is with a Sandisk 95MB/s card and the 600D Edmac Popin build. Absolutely no tearing or magenta blocks in the footage that I can find - great work ML Team and thank you.

Also, this video isn't much to look at - didn't do any color grading or anything - it just verifies that the magenta blocks and tearing are gone.

So far I've found that I can shoot at 960x500 raw with no dropped frames with Global Draw off. I'm using a SanDisk Pro Extreme 95MB/s SD card.

- If I turn Global Draw on with focus peaking and/or zebras on, it drops frames.
- However, I can have Global Draw on with the Histogram and waveform monitor on and it records with no dropped frames - just as long as focus peaking and zebras are turned off.
-Also, if I plug in the mini HDMI cable and connect to an external monitor I can continue to shoot with Global Draw on, histogram and waveform monitor on, and no dropped frames.

I think it may be time to shoot some real stuff :) Very pleased - thanks so much to the ML team.

Hi Andy600,

can you record 1280x400 on the 600D with no dropped frames? I've got a SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s card and I drop a few frames at that resolution. Thanks,


Just wanted to chime in that the latest build for 600D is so much better - thank you.

I did a 960x540 test and only had 1 or 2 frames of tearing/magenta blocks on a 10 second clip. Of course, the camera can't quite keep up with speed and drops a few frames on 960x540, so that may be related to the issue.

I did a 960x500 test and had a quick magenta block frame at the beginning, but after that it ran like a champ on my 20 second clip and looks great. No dropped frames at 900x500.

Thanks ML team- you rock.

Here's a sample from the 600D at 960x540 resolution with the latest build:

There is still some tearing and magenta blocks showing up, but it's definitely getting better and moving in the right direction. Great job ML team.

General Development Discussion / Updated build for 6d 600D
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:12:52 AM »
Thanks 1%!

FYI, if you are new like me you can find the new [600D] Beeps file here:

Go to reply #904 from Andy600 for details on where to get the new raw_rec module

Fo shizzle - the new raw_rec module helps a bunch. I'm still dropping a few frames at 960x540, still getting a little bit of tearing and magenta blocks, but much improved. Thanks!

Thanks Andy600!

Andy600 - forgive my newb question, but did you have to compile a build using the new for use with the 600D, or is it simple to just add it into the modules folder?

General Development Discussion / Updated Vimeo links to 600D files
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:17:01 PM »
Sorry about that, forgot to remove the "s" from https -

Here's the standard Canon h.264 1080 24p file:

Here's the 960x540 raw file (shot with ML raw, converted to DNG files, processed with Adobe AE, exported to ProResHQ).

Here's the standard Canon h.264 1080 24p file:

Here's the 960x540 raw file (shot with ML raw, converted to DNG files, processed with Adobe AE, exported to ProResHQ).

I'm using a SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 16GB card on my 600D (T3i). When shooting 960x540 raw I get a few dropped frames but not bad. I shot a comparison test of a scene with 1. Normal Canon 1080p h.264 quicktime movie settings and then 2. Magic Lantern cropped sensor 960x540 raw. I used raw2dng on Mac and then After Effects to process the dng files for the 960x540 and exported a ProResHQ movie.

There is currently too much tearing and blocking of magenta blocks for the raw footage to be usable, but the detail in the frames that don't have the tearing is an incredible improvement over the h.264 quicktime movie. Even when I blow up the 960x540 ProRes to 1920x1080 and compare it with the standard Canon 1920x1080 h.264 file the footage shot 960x540 raw blows the h.264 away in terms of detail and dynamic range. Love it.

I'm definitely looking to get a 5D mark iii now, but if the tearing and blocking can be fixed on the 600D it is a huge improvement to what it currently shoots in h.264, even when shooting 960x540 raw. Fantastic job by the ML team! 

Thanks Andy600

Dear ML team: you rock. Thank you.

I've been testing out RAW on my 600D T3i and I always get tearing or magenta blocks in some of the frames. Has anyone figured out a solution to this yet?


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