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I have solved my problem by changing sd card. I was going through 2 to 8.5 steps on new card (Transcend 32 Gb cl10 fat32). Other steps (9-15) i have done on old one, Adata SDXC 64 gb UHS-I exfat. noisyboy, thank you for help!

Audiometers doesnt work on [113], [113], but it has been working on ml for 1.1.2 from noisyboy archive. As well raw recording has stopped working after downloading a new version [113] Deleting.

I follow to new instruction without using EOSCard and on step 7 have an old trouble - "Update file cannot be found". Or you update something in archive?


>So just to make sure, you are running Firmware 1.1.2?
Yes, I'm sure. I re-firmwared it twice.

>You have formatted your SD card?
Yes, I tried both on 6D and on PC. BTW, my card is AData 64 GB UHS-1 exFat.

>You have then run EOScard and selected the two checkboxes as instructed and clicked save?
Yes, I tried version from your archive and tried old (that don't download ML).

>After this do you see any files on your SD card?
Yes, I see it the new version of EOSCard. And I deleted them.

i can't install ML on my 6D. Problem is that firmware is 1.1.2 and i go from step 1 to step 5; I follow the instruction, but on the 9 step i got this error:
Firmware update program
Update file error.
Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again.
and even firmware file selection menu didn't show. But if copy original 1.1.2 - 6D000112.FIR , then firmware file selection menu shows and i can even choose file 6D-112.fir, but then i've got same error on 30% :

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