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General Help Q&A / Re: Sync'ed timelapse
November 14, 2014, 11:34:27 AM
 Hi, there are wireless remote controlle systems available, you could easily hack the hardware switch of one remote and either lead its cable to an arduino or a much simpler hardware timer/relais.  We did this sort of controler in the early nineties for singleframe capturing on the famous Sony VX 1000...

Hope this helps  Matthias

Canon 5d Mk3
You can only set the audio within Canon's menu. For adjusting the audio-out/headphone levels, play any clip on playmode and adjust the levels there. If you mute them there, then you loose the live-out as well  8)

You can use only Mic-Level signals going in the camera, Line-Level signals lead to distorted audio recording.

I hope this helped, Matthias
 Just a small hint for all 5D MK 3 op's:
I suddenly got only very low volume on the headphone output while filming and could not adjust it. Finally went into playmode and there and only there it is possible to adjust the volume. Changing the levels in ML-menu did nothing, even after setting the headphone levels in the playmode.

my two eurocents.. Matthias
Well, PP is simply using Mediareactor to show MLV and RAW, as is mentioned in PP's fileproperty window.
Nice but expensive, 495 $ for the plugin...
Hi, how about, naming it 5dmk3-exfat-only-mode ? So everybody knows what and how and so on... Thanks for your work and reading.
Merry ... Matthias
Duplicate Questions / Re: Start Sync with two 5DIIIs
December 23, 2013, 12:14:28 PM
Hi, please try the following:
1. Make a common power source, using two battery dummies from the external power connector, using on switch to power up the two cameras.
2. All settings in camera and on the optics must be identical.
3. Use identical CF and SD Cards, which are freshly formated and hold exactly the same content.
Then fire the cams with the remote.
This sort of worked with 5dmk2, their problem was that they drifted rapidly, atleast the two I had for trying this two years ago...
Basicly there seems to be quite a short "timewindow" for the camera to check for the command to start running, which means, the camera is not constantly checking for these commands but does so only 5 times per second or so. The timing of this window seems to be dependent of the startup timing of the cameras, therefor the synched startup procedures..

Good luck MvM ;D
  :D :D :D :D Works perfectly here on win 7 64 when playing raw and mlv from my ssd ! Just a maybe : how about support for mlv.snd Sound ? Would  be the absolute point of maturing of MLV and Magiclantern RAW !

Thanks for reading and your amazing work !
Hi everybody, i have a 5d mk2 and a 5dmk3 and a 7D. I love ML 8) and its working nice and good as the alphas on the 7D and the 5Dmk3. Now I would love to check the nightly builds on the Mk3 and 7D but I can not get it to boot from the autoexec.bin  :-[ :( . When I start the camera with  a bootable CF ( tried al different bootcodes from the EOS-Card utility) the camera stays dead. Only way of using ML is via fir into the Alpha... :o

I tried the bootflag.fir as well but there seems to be something either I am missing or are the nightly builds not build for the 5DMk3 and 7 D ?

I would like to have fps override and the automatic HDR-Shooting mode from the 5Dmk2 as well as playing more with the new pico...

And the Mk2 is nearly sold and already reboxed.... :o ;)

Thanks Matthias von Mutius, I am with ML since the early days with Trammel...