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I'm on my 4th 64 GB 1000x card from KB.   >:(  I am going to return it.  Not worth the hassle!  Shit-- ruined a shoot and my name!
Yeah, it just did the same as the others-- crashed  BEWARE! 

Hardware and Accessories / NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: July 03, 2013, 08:54:22 AM »
I've been talkiing with the guys at KomputerBay and we decided to do a test with their newest 1050x 128Gb card.
All I can say is wow--  It ate up over 35000 frames without skipping one frame!  35000 frames at 24 fps is 00:24:18:08 

I'll admit the camera did get a bit warm, the card was on the verge of hot, but as soon as it came out from the camera it cooled off in about 20 seconds.  The Quality is really noticeable in this test.  I rolled on about 6 different shots and compared the All-I compression with the RAW--I also shot some using the 3x Crop mode.

I shot this at 1920 x 1080.   Using a mac and raw magic software, I batched these shots and flipped them all into after effects.  Very little was done there.  Rendered Apple Pro Res 1920x1080, then downconverted that to 1280x720 for vimeo.  The original Pro-Res 1920 x 1080 the differences are more striking.  I wasn't able to record beyond 1920 x 1080 in size however.  It took about an hour to flip the raw file to a series of .dngs.

See it here: 

The differences on between the original canon All-I compression and the ML RAW are amazing.  Huge files, but the KomputerBay 1050x Card did a superior job rolling along.  Here's the benchmark tests from that new 1050x card (compared with the 64 Gb 1000x ):

For some reason the speeds at the beginning of the test were slower..not sure why..but
--It was nice being able to roll continuously with no problems for over 30,000 frames, thats 24 minutes!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Broken Komputerbay 32gb 1000x
« on: July 02, 2013, 09:06:59 PM »
Yes, KomputerBay certainly will stand by their products.  They have a lifetime guarantee on their cards.   :D

This is the trick on both my ComputerBay 64gb 1000x. Maybe you need to record,stop and record for 3 or 4 times and then you do not get anymore skipped frames.  ;)

128Gb ComputerBay is too slow... forget it.   ::)

I've had this experience too.  The first couple takes, camera/card combo skips/stops.  After the 2nd or 3rd record, the skipping stops. :P

@ Levinson,  No reason to try photo mode, I only need the speed for the RAW record--- (I think i did try it anyway and yes the speeds report back faster), but I think for comparison sake, use the video 1920x1080 RAW mode...


So far no problems.. ;)


So far no problems.. ;)

Hey There Yann,

The 3rd card seems to work fine so far, I thought I posted up the speed report (VMAP.BMP) last night, not sure what happened to it, but will do it again this evening.  The guy at KomputerBay has been super helpful-- even put a lifetime guarantee on the 3rd card he sent me.   I can't do a benchmark test because I only have USB 2.0.  --USB 3.0 or thunderbolt is required to do a benchmark test from the mac...


The screenshot is grabbed from the card - it's saved in the root dir as "VROM.bmp" or something like that...

I'll retest my cards again later but I'm wondering if I should replace the 128gb with two 64gb's.

Thanks ya'll for the support!

Thanks all! :D

Question:  is the benchmark test supposed to end, or does it hang / stall on 99/100 each time?

Also:  How are you guys posting those screenshots of the 5D3 screen?

The first card worked fine in both camera and mac, however the speed of the card was not fast enough to let me record RAW at 1920.
(As it turns out My SanDisk90mbs card, works fine for RAW record at 1920)

The second card had booting issues.  But I have to stress, the guys at komputerbay are very much into this and are very helpful.  I would recommend them just because they're support has been good.  I'm sure this 3rd card will work-  ???  I hope!

The footage tests I've done look freakin' awesome.  Good thing I'm an after-effects guy!

So regarding this Komputerbay card.....

I get the 2nd (replacement) 64gb card and it worked initially
for recording 1920x1088 RAW on the 5Dm3. 

The next day it did not work.  It was glitching out the camera
and wouldn't boot in the card reader (mac) or allow the camera
to boot. After dozens of mounting and un-mounting the card in the reader, 
Finally the mac recognized it and was able to ex-fat format it, but the
card is still crashing out.  My other CF a SanDisk 90mbs seems
to work fine on RAW recording at 1920.

Hello card #3. The guy I'm speaking with at KomputerBay has been very
helpful and easy to deal with anyway. 

Yea me too

My 1st.) first Komputer bay 64Gb card was not fast enough for more than 129 frames of 1920x1080,
now the replacement for that card(#2) has got serious issues.  it worked at first, but now the card is crashed.
It won't let the camera boot and it wont be seen by the computer via card reader. (mac)

Well, as I mentioned in another thread - I've ordered 3 Komputerbay 64GB cards and so far only one has been "as advertised" speed-wise.
Card 1 - Computer could see it, card could not be read by computer.  After several attempts too.
Card 2 - Topped out at about 67 MB/s
Card 3 - very nice with consistent results.  Even a tad faster than my Lexar 32GB 1000x card.

General Chat / Funny Furher
« on: June 07, 2013, 09:38:30 AM »
You all see this already!?.  ;D

Raw Video / Re: Aliasing with RAW
« on: June 07, 2013, 09:22:29 AM »
I don't quite know whats going on with that last shot reddercity ???, but here's my first ML raw test: 
The Aliasing and Moire are GONE!

This was shot on the 5D3, handheld at 1920x1080. It's 6 sec long.  The RAW image is stunning.  The RAW codec, (or lack of) has eliminated
most, if not all of the aliasing and moire present in the building.  The first 3 secs are H264, the last 3 are RAW.  Notice the
windows.  RAW took all the false coloring out of the windows and looks almost futuristic.  On the side of the bldg, aliasing was going on, and with the RAW-- it's not even there.  Just amazing.  The latitude, sharpness-- Thanks Magic Lantern Team!!  Can't wait to learn the 3x crop and make something better than a test!

Share Your Videos / Re: Time Lapse film I shot in Hawaii
« on: June 07, 2013, 08:55:23 AM »
 :) nice work

Yes, I agree no sweat even for slower cf cards-- looks awesome!  Thanks ML TEAM!  I'm stoked! 
I found that the SanDisk ExtremePro 90mbs card will even do full 1920x1080 without a skip!

Alright Guys-- I think I know how to proceed.

@ anotherdave- yes I'm in single shot mode, but always had 4 asterisks, <****> , it just fills em up fast-- too fast.

@ renato, thanks, I did have HighISO speed NR on Standard, so I set that to "off"  & I experimented with some other CF cards like you suggested, my results are posted below

@ Dugale, (welcome to the forum)  Your speeds seem amazing!  Are your speeds you posted from a Komputerbay 64Gb card, sounds like you did test the same card from your post?

As Renato suggested, I tried out 2 other CF cards:

On my SanDisk Extreme 16Gb 60mbs card I got 61.9 speed on the 1 min. benchmark, and at 1920x1088 RAW it's write time was 73.2

On My SanDish ExtremePro 16Gb 90mbs card I got 81.3 speed on the 1 min. benchmark, and at 1920x1088 RAW it's write time was 83.6It was capable of recording full 1920x1088 RAW for at least 2000 frames or possibly longer I just stopped it..

On the Komputerbay 1000x 64Gb card, It's 1min benchmark write time was only 67-69mbs consistently, and it's 1920x1088 RAW write time as a meager 75mbsIt wan't capable of doing 1920x1088 for more than 130 frames.

I think I'll have to return/exchange the card because I am not seeing speeds exceeding 83 (thats with my Sandisk card) and only as fast as 75mbs MAX on the komputerbay card, nothing like your results David.

I talked to Ched at Komputerbay and he said no problem to exchange it!  I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress.  It's good to know tho, that the SanDisk ExtremePro CF card will handle the 1920x1088 RAW!! Whoopee!  I'll do some kewl tests these next few weeks and keep you all posted. 

(Also David,  On another note, It was your video 5D3vsD800 that helped sell me on the Canon system. As well as the options from ML,  I previously had all nikon gear for photos and Sony XDcam for video. Sold most of it to score the 5D3, which I'm glad I did!, just kept my manual nikon lenses for animation and timelapse)

Thanks much!  -Kraemer  (

General Help Q&A / Re: How to clear the buffer on 5D3?
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:31:56 AM »
I was just wondering cuz I cant seem to squeeze 1920x1080 out without skipping,
Love the work you've done A1ex (and team)!  Quite simply amazing.  Thought there might be
a buffer issue with the 5D3 and thought I could clear it manually before hitting RAW record.
I suppose it does this automatically when it powers off..

Hey there-

I updated the firmware to June05 build, still skipping.  However with the HaCKed display I was able to get up to 400 or so frames before it started skipping.  Much Better!  I didn't however go all the way back to Canon firmware...

Before I did a fresh exfat format the komputerbay 64 Gb card with the mac and disk utility.  I've been putting ML on a Sandisk 90mbs SD card, is that slowing things down>?  Somewhere I heard it will only write as fast as the slowest card...? Should I put ML on the CF card instead..

My write benchmarks after:


I tried with FPS optimization set to 24, as well as and off, as well as with 3 different flavors of Canon 1920x1080.  30fps, 24fps ALL-I and IPB..
I did notice a few extra things like bolt_ (very cool thanks A1ex), and it has 1920x1088 instead of 1080,  but still couldnt' get the gear to record smoothly, 

General Help Q&A / How to clear the buffer on 5D3?
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:16:03 AM »
I searched this topic but couldn't find it. 

Can you manually clear the buffer on 5D mark 3?

I just did the 5 minute benchmark test on the 5D3, I thought I was using the may 28th build, -- but on the benchmark test it said
"ML v2.3.NEXT.2013.MAY18.5D3113"--Anyhoo :

My write times are:  ( I left out the read speeds) komputerbay 64 1000x card

What do you think?  return the card?

67.2  (buffer=2040k)
57.5   (buffer=1953k)
71.0   (buffer=3072k)
61.0  (buffer=2920k)
70.9   (buffer=4096k)
67.4  (buffer=3906k)
74.6  (buffer=16384k)
74.1 (buffer=15625k)
28.3 (buffer= 128k)

@ Khoi

I can confirm a slower komputer bay 64 card; and I too can only record about 128 frames before skipping sets in. (on the 5D3 at 1920x1080)

My write times (on the same CF benchmark test from the May 28th build) are:  ( I left out the READ speeds / dont know how to post the above pic)

Got mine at amazon --SHOULD I exchange it?


67.2  (buffer=2040k)
74.1 (buffer=15625k)
28.3 (buffer= 128k)

@ Renato -- Im using this build: May 28th(8ba641e) on top of the alpha-3 that I already had on my 5D3,

Should I be looking for a newer build?

@ Levinson, that sounds like a viable option

@ Ned, thanks Bro!  I definitely tried the FPS override-- same result.  I will continue to read / search for the solution !

@ Danne,  yes thanks Danne, good idea! I haven't done this but will ASAP!! and post the results here.  ( I tried with global draw off, but yes live view was still on. )

The results did get showed an amazing latitude; and much better sharpness.  anyone care to see it -- its here:

just need to figure out this frame skipping thing before I use it on the job.. !  Thanks you guys!

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