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I think before everybody was talking about Raw-Video, the ML-Team had made some good impovements on their software and before eastern, there were comments saying "just a few more days". So in my impression there was work being done nearly to the final release of an alpha 3 but then Raw flooded the community. If i were a software engineer i would concentrate on this big thing too. But i don't think, that we won't see another version for our 7Ds. Perhaps if the major problems / implementations with raw are finished there will be time for stuff like an stable release for the 7D. I appreciate the work and time they invest for us so we can play around with these wonderful tools.
I am working with alpha 1 and alpha 2 since they cam out and never had any problems. In this time i used my 7d for nearly 10 jobs, mostly documentary stuff, where i record hours of video. Have no fear;-)

Thanks for your time and effort working on this piece of code!
Hope to hear something positive about Raw + 7d, too:-)
works very well with ML Alpha 2! Thanks for your work. :)
Oh, i tried it two or three times but it failed so i thought it would be a feature for the next alpha. I will try it once again. Hope i find something interesting to record for more than 12 minutes:-)
I wish to get the "umlimited" recording time feature in the next alpha, cause i am making a lot of documentary stuff. (start new clip after 12 minutes automatic). And is there a way to get cleaner Audio like on the 600d? i think theres to much noise in my microphone jack:-0

A big thanks to all who are working on this piece of magic!
* movie restart and video effects menus visible but not working
ah, sorry, i thought i'd read everything...

Is it possible for the next release?

Has anyone made experiences with full hdmi-out?

First: Thanks for this beautifull piece of code:-)

2: I noticed a strange colorshift when using the magic zoom and move it around. At some positions its normal (like it always was in alpha 1) and in between it shows a bluish/blackandwhite-like picture in the box. Did anyone else notice this?

3: I was very happy to see, that autorestart is in alpha 2 because this is a feature i need for documentary situations and things like live-concerts etc. but i tried it and it always stops after one clip. Is this intended? Or when will this feature gets activated? :-)

Thank you for your time and efforts: