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Will this be available in all versions of Magic Lantern?

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 550D / T2i
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:44:37 AM »
I just saw a Tweet that no one had given test results back concerning the T2i with firmware 1.1.0, well I just installed the 1.1.0 firmware from Canon and then the ML firmware patch. I've got everything setup, but I'm wondering if there's a suite of tests that are expected or just how does ML work in general on the T2i?

Please advise and I'll run through things, also where do these results get posted?

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:00:11 AM »
I too am of the happy 550D/T2i club of owners. I use two of the old cameras and as has been said, the 5D3 is too expensive for me to upgrade to. For those who are undertaking this task, my thanks and my hopes are with you that you find success in bringing raw video to those of us who still love creating content with these reliable cameras.

General Chat / Re: Magic Lantern for 700D?
« on: October 16, 2012, 09:40:21 PM »
It's not a fake, I've seen one in the wild. There has been an update to the 700D shown, they removed the Q Button too and now there is a sensor in the hand grip that recognizes that the user is about to want to take photographs or shoot video. Something about accelerometers knowing that the camera has gone into motion etc.

1% So my testing shows great bitrates for busy scenes, what I don't know how to do yet is get increased bitrates when filming more static shots. For example, filming a greenscreen shot with little action, the bitrate between regular fw and GOP3 are nearly identical. I understand this may just be efficiency of compression and uniformity of elements in the image, but the edge artifacts in busy shots using GOP3 are so clean, I would expect that I could get cleaner edges in non-busy shots too, but they are about the same.

I'll be the first to admit I may be a bit dense here and this is exactly what should be happening, but also think, maybe I'm missing something. Any advice?

N=1! 103Mbps 23.976fps

How can I tell if it is GOP 1 or 3? The video's I recorded at 3 work fine as do the one's I set at GOP 1, or is there something I'm missing?

On previous tests I had set GOP in the CBR menu to 3.

With your tip I set it to 1 with all encoder values at 3.0x. On the Pretec card I recorded 29 seconds at 104,813kbps with only about 15% buffer fill, mostly less. A second longer test of 46 seconds was 98,612kbps. Both videos are of leaves in a strong wind.

On the SanDisk I'm getting similar bitrates, but I also had a few Error 70's and the buffer was quickly moving up just before the crashes.

3 log files were created, here's a part of the first one:

Tue Sep 25 15:37:38 2012
  37965: 14643.497 [MR] 1 : W=0x4a9b7120, E=0xfa0340, W=0x4a079a50, E=0x536650
  37966: 14661.078 [MR] mvrExpStarted
  37968: 14663.853 [MR_MOV] AddVideo : (0x4a9b7120,0x81934,0x00000000,0x0,1)
  37969: 14663.914 [MR] mvrFrameWrite (Size = 0x81934, Next = 0x4aa38a54)
  37970: 14663.956 [MR] mvrEncodeDone (Size = 0x81934, Next = 0x4aa38a54)
  37976: 14675.570 [LV] PCLV JPEG SIZE (1056 704)
  37977: 14685.342 [MR] mvrEncode (Addr = 0x46000080)
  37978: 14685.418 [MR] 1 : W=0x4aa38a54, E=0xf1ea0c, W=0x4a079a50, E=0x536650
  37979: 14692.497 [MR] mvrWriteDone2 (Size = 0x102cb0, Next = 0x4a6b2d50)
  37981: 14692.650 [MR_MOV] RequestWrite : End(32)
  37982: 14692.756 [MR_MOV] RequestWrite : Start(33)
  37984: 14692.826 [MR_MOV] WriteSampleData : #1 - Buf=0x4a6b2d50, Size=0x103570
  37985: 14702.432 [MR] mvrExpStarted
  37987: 14705.981 [MR] mvrFrameWrite : Frame = 72, Pad1 = 8
  37988: 14706.056 [MR_MOV] AddVideo : (0x4aa38a54,0x76bec,0x00000000,0x0,1)
  37989: 14706.168 [MR] mvrFrameWrite (Size = 0x76be4, Next = 0x4aaaf640)
  37990: 14706.212 [MR] mvrEncodeDone (Size = 0x76be4, Next = 0x4aaaf640)
  37991: 14706.327 [MR] mvrEncodeDone (Sec = 3, Frame = 72)
  37993: 14706.451 [MR] mvrEncodeDone (Pack = 36, 0xb507f0, 0x22949d8 - 0x238cef0)
  37994: 14706.478 [MR] mvrGetBufferUsage : Frame=8, Sound=0
  38000: 14707.252 [MR] mvrDecideAndAddStorageCBR (0xb507f0)
  38004: 14708.728 [LV] PCLV JPEG SIZE (1056 704)
  38005: 14710.734 [LV] lvAEResult
  38006: 14710.820 [LV] Release FaceAEL and FaceALOLock 9385
  38010: 14718.370 [LV] PROP_LV_EMD_DRIVE_RESULT AfState:0
  38011: 14726.839 [MR] mvrEncode (Addr = 0x44000080)
  38012: 14726.915 [MR] 1 : W=0x4aaaf640, E=0xea7e20, W=0x4a079a50, E=0x639300
  38014: 14734.950 [LVFD] LVCPF_SortPrimaryFace( Input Num = 0 )
  38015: 14735.064 [LVFD] OutputFace( ID=593, (240, 165), Size=25, Num=0 )
  38016: 14744.147 [MR] mvrExpStarted
  38018: 14747.800 [MR_MOV] AddVideo : (0x4aaaf640,0x824e8,0x00000000,0x0,1)
  38019: 14747.861 [MR] mvrFrameWrite (Size = 0x824e8, Next = 0x4ab31b28)
  38020: 14747.905 [MR] mvrEncodeDone (Size = 0x824e8, Next = 0x4ab31b28)
  38024: 14752.328 [LVCAE] lvcaeGetAllWbGain(sync)(10)
  38025: 14752.633 [LV] ====== lvCompleteALOGetSeed [0x408cd840]
  38027: 14753.790 [LVCLR] Out = (0, -1, -1, 0, 0, -1, -1)[0]
  38030: 14759.003 [LV] PCLV JPEG SIZE (1056 704)

Took me a moment to figure out what settings were affecting what, and I am yet to start making notes as to results as I'd like to know my way around the settings, but, after some false starts, I've had success on my 550D.

I've looked back at some very detailed videos shot in the Grand Canyon on this camera, they are fairly consistent with bitrates between 45,000kbps and 50,000kbps, checked a bunch of others recorded with Canon FW, same bitrates. But now I have this new video I shot outside of some trees with a good wind kicking them around; bitrate reading is 139,793kbps. The 34 second 1920x1080 24fps video is 566MB in size - WOW!

Subsequent tests I have seen consistent bitrates of 166,817kbps with the buffer hanging around 30%. All of these tests were performed on a Pretec 64GB SDXC1 which claims to be a Class 16! Tried using the same settings on a SanDisk 64GB SDXC1 Class 10 and the only consistent numbers I get are at about 65,000kbps, better than Canon FW but not as amazing as compared to what I can record on the Pretec.

I've had some Error 70's, but only on the SanDisk card. Removing the battery cleared the issue. Also had each card become corrupted requiring reformatting.

Anyone care to explain the Encoder Options, or point me to somewhere I can understand what they do?

I do know that if I can have everything set to 3.0x while recording to the Pretec card. While on the SanDisk if I set P factor through D2 factor at 2.5x and GOP0,1,and 4 at 1.0x, with GOP3 factor = 2.5x, I get the results stated above. I haven't changed JP Slice.

And maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but how do I record all I-frames?

Amazing work guys. As soon as I can I'll setup both my 550D's to record the same scene, one with Canon FW and the other with this bitrate magic, I'll post what I see.

Thanks 1% for the quick answer. As others have already said, I too do not care about the 4 minute limit. When filming nature elements very rarely do I need a segment of that length. Plus, I'm just as interested in doing some green screen testing.

So, when and where can I download it from you?

You've made my night!

Share Your Videos / Re: T2i ML Time Lapse Music Video
« on: September 25, 2012, 05:40:51 AM »
Right on!

General Development / Re: Design proposals for future ML interface
« on: September 25, 2012, 05:34:06 AM »
Is this thread still alive? Or has the idea of a new interface been lost to the abyss?

Guys, for some of us following this, you are doing some intriguing, amazing things on the 600D. I look on with envy. Looking at JasonATL's comparison shots between GOP3 and Canon FW, specifically the leaves that are crisp and clean on the GOP3 while the Canon FW shots are full of jpeg artifacts and mushy edges. These developments appear to be a giant leap forward.

What's missing from this dialogue is, what's it going to take to give more of us the opportunity to start working with this version of ML? I'm using a couple of 550D's and am more than willing to potentially sacrifice the older one in order to give GOP3 a run.

I'd imagine I could get the code and give it a try to port it to my camera, but what about a compiled version we can try out?

Don't miss the second page, that's where you'll find the punchline!

To you guys who are trying to increase our bit rates, while I cannot make a contribution besides the financial, there are those of us out here wishing you all the best of luck in finding the Magic Bullet for Magic Lantern that might allow us to film with higher quality images as a result of your hard work. Thanks for your contributions.

I'd like to add a thought, maybe not the smartest, but anyway. What if upon the start of recording video, a sync sound is recorded, both on camera and on an external audio device, at this point the audio is disabled on camera and the CBR is pushed higher, as the recording approaches the end of what is needed to be filmed, a button push lowers the CBR, audio is re-enabled and a second sync sound recorded? Then in post the sound could be synced back to the footage (think PluralEyes).

There have been times where I too thought my battery life was quite poor, but quickly see that 2 or 3 hours had passed since I started testing a new build. Moving in and out of LiveView, pulling rack focus multiple times, watching a timelapse or two in camera or an HDR video shot at 24fps or 60fps, investigating difference in ISO configs, or spending lot's of time working with FPS override, then all of a sudden; dead battery. But it wasn't all of a sudden, some times I have to remind myself that the battery I'm using was also used the day before for an unknown duration.

What I find when I'm in the field working is that I am often able to use a battery all day, and this is while using autofocus (occasionally), shooting raw (upwards of 500 photos captured), record between 8 and 15 minutes of video (some of it HDR), plus all of the false shots where I pull focus, adjust aperture, skip the shot, and then leave the camera to auto-power down in 1 minute.

It would be great if some other users tested their batteries as A1ex has and post the results here so we can move beyond the anecdotal complaints that ML eats batteries, or confirm the cases where it does.

Hey Capitansolo, this looks likely that you are shooting at f1.4. I say that because it appears there is a very narrow focal plain in focus somewhere near the guys back (look at the bottom right of the man's shirt and the grass next to it.) At f1.4 if you are photographing or filming a face, the tip of the nose can be in focus and the eye's won't be - it is that narrow a band of focus. The person who told you to try f2.0 and above is giving you great advice, even f1.8 is a lot easier to work with.

Share Your Videos / Re: Short Film: The Mark
« on: July 11, 2012, 07:59:18 AM »
Just watched your short film, nice work. My wish would be for you to add the tags for Magic Lantern to the video and give credit to the tools you used for making this so others who catch it might be inspired.

General Chat / Re: Kicktarter for 5D MK III?
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:13:38 PM »
I don't believe a Kickstarter would be appropriate here. There is no tiered payoff incentive available that would entice people to make various donations. What would be given away is very specific to those who own or will own a $3500 camera body, so you are narrowing the number of people this Kickstarter would apply to. I know this could be argued against regarding any endeavor where specialized equipment is required, such as sliders, steadicams, iPhone products, etc., but each of those fund raisers give different tiered products or credits for rewards - in this situation the contributor receives ML which is already free, and that, is that.

I have already made my donation towards the Mark III, I do not own one, nor do I plan on owning one, but I know that the continuing development of ML on all Canon DSLR's benefits ALL of us!

Share Your Videos / Re: Time lapse of iris blooming
« on: May 23, 2012, 03:49:33 PM »
@Francis You might want to try GBDeflicker from Granite Bay Software, the guy has a free, time-limited, evaluation version - and it is for Mac and Windows. Nice first attempt with the flash.

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