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GD you're brave... flying over water with a $3k camera on a RC Helo. I can't even hover mine! LOL
It's not terrible if the technique is reliable :-) We have 7 years of flying over water and nothing :-) Now you can take on the RAW mark 3 and do not hang expensive Red Epic ;-)

Shooting from a helicopter  "aerocrane" 8)
8620 frames
1920х1024 25fps! - scaling to 1920х1080
ML 18-05 "rw_over_test"

Downloaded the program and it looks quite useful. What settings are you using?

Are you opening the .raw file or the sequence of .dng files?
Yes, it would be helpful if the work! But it does not work.
I asked if these players to play ". RAW" ?

You can play videos on your computer? Founded on something but it opens nepravelno RAW file.
It is necessary to quickly see that shot. Even in black and white.  :)

Excuse me, I read correctly? 50fps at almost 1080p??????! Is this how you said you accomplished it?

Why did your comment passed unseen? It is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow afternoon I will take the test at 50 frames sun. :-) And let's see. When unpacking the information that was not missed shots. I'll be shocked. Could not understand how this is possible ...

That is an old build. You should try a newer build.  I will be posting a newer one later tonight given new updates just came out. 

Here is one from yesterday you can update to. You just want to overwrite the old files with these new ones. 

I'll try this new one. It frames fall!

It is on this I was able to record 1920 x 1080 25 fps and 1920 x 1280 25 fps :D

1920x1080 25fps
Frame skip: 1
5D Mark III

I was able to write without dropping frames
1920x960 25 frames per second!
1920x672 50  frames per second!
Transcend  32gb 1000x
I just wrote above how I got it.

If you first do a write benchmark card and then start recording there is no drop-down shots! Probably during the test memory is freed. 

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