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Have just tried this 24 may Nightly Build (for 1.1.3).

Got max 3-4 seconds in 1080p MLV at 40FPS (exact FPS) with Komputerbay 1000x 64GB. Nevertheless, I've got approx. 50% "corrupted" files (which I have not with same setting execpt 30FPS). Three different patterns (first one is one of the 50% working dng):


Extracted with MLVBrowseSharp from g3gg0 (but same "looking" results with MLV viewer on 5D3).

Same results with or without memory hacks, or with any of preview modes (by the way, is it normal I have a preview of what I film with hacked2 preview mode?)

If I can test anything else, don't hesitate,
It would look something like that ^^:

And it would be "1" by default so that it won't affect those who don't see any utility in that ;). Once again, just pure suggestions.
Yes, you're probably right ^^. I totally agree it would be more an advanced setting and you're vision is surely more intuitive! It was just a thought so that the discussion is lunched :). But to be honest, I suggested that because I was thinking that maybe it's "just" a matter of addition in a "table" of values. And instead of taking one picture (with one histogram), I thought "maybe just take 3 others and merge them in one" so we're back in the initial situation. And in the menu we would "just" choose on how many frame we want that auto-ETTR will be based it won't add a new menu or something ^^. Once again, it's just some suggestions, and it's nice to discuss with somebody over that :)
Quote from: Marsu42 on May 26, 2013, 08:13:55 PM
I know what the issue is - but a "lock ettr" feature sounds more resonable to me, i.e. point the camera to the brightest scene in the panorama and then ettr for that in m mode, locking that exposure for the rest of the panorama?

Yeah it could be another option but I think that pointing the brigthest scene with ettr (like a window) would underexpose all the scene, it will in fact. But ETTR lock is interesting tough. Instead of pointing the brightest scene, we could point the mid-exposure part of scene. But the probleme is that we don't know where this part is in our scene (room). Like you said we can already do ETTR lock, sort of, we just have to look the settings that auto-ettr gave us and put it off and let this settings in the Manual mode.

I think that a "global" histogram of the scene will be much more accurate in the representation of the exposition of the scene. We would see if it's globally more dark or shiny and then the adjustement will be set in consequences (with auto-ettr for example). But I understand what you said ;).
Hello everybody ;).

Now that we have raw histograms and AUTO-ETTR, I was wondering if it was possible to merge several raw histogram in order to have one histogram that represents the whole scene and then maybe we could use a ETTR-like method to adjust the settings (iso or shutter speed or focal). It would be very usefull for panorama makers (either 360° pano makers and just landscapes pano makers).

Just one example to clarify what I mean: Let's say I'm in a room, I have a Wide-angle lens, I want to shoot a 360° pano of the room but I have to shoot in manual mode and keep the same setting for all the shots. The thing is to choose the correct expo settings and it can be very tricky even in simple situations. So would it be possible, for example to be in live view and collect raw histogram of 4 differents places in the room (without moving shutter system like in silent mode, "just" collect from liveview) and then merge them in one raw histogram (or other methods) and use ETTR-like methode to adjust our expo settings so we're "sure" (there may be exceptions) to have the best exposition?

It's just a thought but I think it would be another plus for ML. Let me say what you think, and if you think it's doable.

PS: When I say "merge raw historgam", I mean "add up quantities of black/white/middle in one histogram". I don't know if you understand what I mean ;)?
Wow, very nice implementation  :). Thanks again ML Team! After some tries, I can assure you it works very well! Just have done an example here. I took 2 pictures of the same scene, one underexposed (aprx. 1 maybe 1.5 stop underexposed) and the other one I let ML's autoETTR make his job. Then I used Ligthroom 4 to adjust them (no noise reduction or sharpness increase). They have the same configuration (except exposition of course). So here are the results:

                shutter speed : 1/160 - iso : 200 - f/2.2                                   shutter speed : 1/60 - iso : 400 - f/2.2

100% crop:


Even if I knew benefits of ETTR I wasn't a big fan of it (Ok, I wasn't brave enough). But now, this features will obviously change my mind. All the shots I took were very concluant. Even if we have to took 2 pictures for one scene, I think this could be a game changer in exposure modes. So thank you again, I find this feature really helpfull ;)!

PS: second shot isn't as sharp as the first one, it's because I set ETTR's slowest shutter at 1/60 sec. You can change this and set it at 1/125 and so on for scenes where there are some mouvements!
PS2: Sorry for my bad english, I just wanted to share those results :).
Oh it would be great! Let's cross our fingers.. I don't know how much it costs but I just sent you (and your team) 10€, not much but I hope it will help you getting what you need ;).
Quote from: a1ex on November 08, 2012, 08:23:50 PM
The good news is that I've been running the same test on the public alpha for around 2-3 hours and it's still going strong. It's in the Debug menu -> stability tests -> random tests. This means the backend is pretty strong.

Good news yes :)! I'll do these stability tests as soon as I can. All the best for your work, from Belgium ;).
Thank you for this update ;)! Great job! I hope you'll be able to find out what is going wrong! But no matter what, thank you :)!