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Share Your Videos / EOS M 2.8k RAW Pinhole City Park Music Video
« on: October 21, 2021, 11:05:43 PM »
This is a short music video I shot at the local park with a pinhole body cap I got for $10 off of eBay in lieu of a lens. I have a sensor cleaning kit on the way now :) I had no idea the pinhole would accentuate the crud so much... 3200 ISO, 1/48 shutter speed 24fps. some dark frame subtraction as well but not sure how much it helped. Processed with MLV-App and then stitched together with FFmpeg. The pinhole gives a complete soft focus of everything. Thank you for watching. I can't stop watching it hahaha it is sort of like a dream and a better film than generally I should be capable of.

Share Your Videos / Very First 700D / t5i Clips
« on: August 29, 2021, 08:11:16 PM »
These are the very first clips I made with ML and my t5i at a local park, in order, as initial experiments. Some Dual ISO and I adjusted the contrast some, but no color grading or any other processing. Assembled as direct copies transport streams into a single file in mere seconds with ffmpeg at the command line. All clips were the full length either the camera stopped recording or I stopped it. All handheld and attempted stabilization with the strap. Some work better than others. YouTube clobbers a lot of it, and it is dark on my phone, but looks great on my TV. Was very glad to get both the cloud detail and shadow detail in places. Song is a Jason Isbell demo.

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