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Hi guys!
Recently, I found a very interesting thing on the vastness of Youtube! Video stabilization for DSLR cameras based on data from the gyroscope and accelerometer.
There was already a commercial version called Stead XP, but it is too expensive, and another method is much cheaper (around 20$) with the same results.
The point is to install the FPV flight controller on the camera body so that during video shooting it records data about camera movements, and then based on them it stabilizes the frame with reference to camera position data, and not the image, which will remove stabilization artifacts as in Warp Stabilizer in PP.
Following the instructions, I ordered everything I needed, made all the buttons and the case, and used the Gyroflow program. The result impressed me, with proper skill, the stabilization is excellent. Shaking from hands when shooting standing removes even by 50 mm, the result is generally excellent at 24. Without thinking twice, I did a shooting test while running and it also turned out to be quite good. And also this method perfectly removes the jelly effect from the rolling shutter, and the strength of the adjustment depends on the strength of the movement - this is magic. This all takes shooting to a new level!
The videos will be below the link, if anyone is interested, then write and I'll tell you everything.

P.S. I use 5D3 1.2.3 RAW 1920x1080 14-bit lossless + dual iso

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