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Had the time to go to Longwood Gardens but I wish it was more of a sunny day  :'( . There is a little aliasing and moire with the 4.3k Anamorphic mode but definitely less than the one without it.

I exported the MLV files as DNG Lossless, Upscaled from 1440x1836 4.3k anamorphic to 4k via Davinci Resolve. The editing was also done in Davinci Resolve.

Shot this at Seaside Heights Beach in NJ on the 25th of July. I'm not a colorist (also have deutan color blindness) so I'm not sure how it looks to you guys. Let me know what you think! I will definitely try to get a shoulder rig or some sort of stabilizer as well as an ND filter adapter for my 18-55mm lens. The settings I used are in the description. I'd appreciate any tips!

I exported the MLV files as ProRes 444, Upscaled from 1440x1836 4.3k anamorphic to 2560x1089, Alexa Log-C, and Alexa Wide Gamut RGB
Edited in Davinci Resolve. If you have any recommendations on how to export the files, that would be great too!