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I'm trying to shoot a timelapse with FRSP and ETTR. I get it that AETTR needs to have Canon image review to be on for at least 2 seconds. Problem is, the reviewed picture (along with all the intervalometer info) stays on indefinitely, no matter the Power Saving in LV setting. So the only time my LCD turns off is during the actual FRSP capture. Then it's on for review again till the next intervalometer step (regardless of Canon's 2 sec review and ML's 5 sec LV powersave).

Any ideas why that might be?

P.S. Canon 70D running ML v1.12 (

I'm completely new to ML and am just cutting my teeth at this whole thing. My first snag is that I can't seem to download my trial videos (though I can see them in-camera thanks to mlv_play). Does this mean I can only download them via a proper card reader, not via Canon's default USB cable connection (or wifi)?

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