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I have used magic lantern in 550D, 5d mark II, and T5i, but haven't experienced something like this.
The framing notably shifts from no crop to crop and to recording preview when recording video by using mlv_rec in my 5D mark3.
Could anyone help me with this?

The camera is mounted on a tripod. Notice that the frame center is pointed to a water kettle.

Press zoom. The frame center shifted to the right. As you see, the center is not pointed at the kettle as in Pic 1.
I tried to use the control button to adjust the framing, but nothing was saved, and the condition still accrues after restarting the camera.

After press record, the preview was no in the alpha mode, which it should be, and the framing center shifts back to the kettle. Also, the preview is not in the correct ratio.
The playback shows the camera recorded the image in "Pic2". 

Here is some of my camera setting:!AsMimiek1ANCkXxuaPJWjQHhf5D-?e=NHqbij

I've tried reinstall ML, set different bit rates, set different ratios, and play with the preview option, but those do not seem to help.
May I know what I should do to fix this?

I really appreciate any help.