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Share Your Photos / ETTR one way ONLY
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:29:28 AM »
Hi everyone.

I am a fan of Timelapses and for now i have used qDslrDashboard with my 5D3.
I had "too much" stuff to take with me. I now have 2 kids and less space in my bags when i travel.

I recently baught a EOS M and i try ML on it with intervalometer and ETTR. It works preaty well !!!
I juste wanted to know if it is posible to "force" ETTR in one way only.
I do day to night timelapses. Everything is going well but if, for exemple, a car passes by, ETTR will adjust the shutter speed and will make it shorter for the next picture.
I would like to avoid that.
So if the sun goes down i would like it to adjust the shutter speed by going slower ONLY. i dont what it to be able to go back.

Is it possible ??


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