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General Help Q&A / Host-controlled silent shooting
September 12, 2019, 10:32:19 PM

I would like to use the silent shooting mode introduced with ML on my 7D from gphoto2 to shoot a series of pictures with a Python script. I also need to make sure that the picture was actually taken - relying on a remote cable which signals half-pressed shutters without confirmation that the picture was taken is not sufficient. Can I do this somehow? I managed to trigger a silent picture with "set-config autofocusdrive=1" followed by "set-config autofocusdrive=0", but I don't know when this is ready and I cannot find the recorded picture with gphoto2 on the sdcard (which would allow to verify it actually has been taken).

The background is: I want to digitize Super 8 films with single picture transfer. My setup is already working quite well, but right now I am using my new EOS RP camera and its pseudo silent shooting mode (aka focus stacking). Since I have lots of films to digitize, I would prefer using my 7D instead, so my main camera is free for normal use again :-) Also the smaller pixels of the 7D might actually help a bit with better resolution. I have a lots of pictures per film, I don't want any of them to be missing or duplicate in the end, so a reliable confirmation that a picture has been taken is vital. Also using the shutter is not an option, since we are talking about something like a million of pictures I have to take in total...  :o

Thanks for any help!