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General Help Q&A / 7D dual DIGIC speculation.
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:44:40 PM »
I own a 7D, and I'm fully aware of the current limitations of ML development.

BUT, this post is just merely for SPECULATIVE purposes.

I have NEVER used ML, and I dont know much about the limitations of current builds in regards of the available hardware.

BUT, it has always been spinning in my mind... If ML does what it does whit just a single DIGIC processor...

So, ML developer's... given your experience..
What features could be possible if the dual DIGIC processors are unlocked to work with ML?

Clean HDMI out?
Higher FPS?
H.264 encoding improvement?

As I say, this is just for speculative purposes...

General Development / DMCA Inquiry
« on: August 02, 2012, 06:33:18 PM »
Hello to everyone!
Im starting this thread because I'm actually getting active in a thread at where someone is developing a custom firmware for the NEX-5N.

There has been some talk about funding and even starting a Kickstarter iniciative under the excuse of research purposes.

Cases like the PS3 with GEOHOT are sacring the developer, specially because the thread is getting pretty popular... but if he wants to go ahead with development he needs funding to buy the cameras.. etc..

So here comes my question.

GEOHOT's lawsuit, as far as I know, was MAINLY because what he was doing allowed people to use pirated game copies..

But, what are the risks for a developer when reverse engeneering a camera's firmware?

Canon has posted their kernel sources, so I dont know what would this mean in regards of the "openness" of the firmware itself.

On a side note, how similar/different is developing for canon and for sony?

Thanks to whoever can help whit this.

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