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General Help Q&A / Recover .DAT movie file from camera?
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:19:08 PM »
So I was recording movie with ML installed when my camera just restarted itself. Reason being is the battery grip is from Meike and even though I like everything else about it, touch the battery caddy too rough and the contact which verifies it's closed (same mechanism as the SD slot lid for example) comes loose, shutting off the camera.

Now I'm with a 3GB .DAT file instead of the wanted .MOV file. I thought this wouldn't be a big deal since probably just some codec information or whatever was missing but after being not able to restore anything with ffmpeg on Linux and not finding anything but a paid service on Google, I'm quite scared.

Is there any feature in ML which allows for encoding of a .DAT file? I don't think it can be that hard since all the movie data is there and I'm guessing all one had to do is tell the camera to process this file as if you'd just stopped recording it?

Any other Linux tool or software would help too, doesn't have to be in ML or in-camera.

Thanks for any help.

General Help Q&A / Force display rotation? (Canon 70D)
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:45:05 PM »
I sometimes have my 70D on a tripod, with me in front of it, while the camera is pointing down. It really annoys me though how the image only flips when the LCD is angled perfectly at 180°, and not at an angle that I need to use, which is more like 130°. Is there an ML setting/option/tweak/script that can either change this (to flip at 100° and beyond) or force a specific rotation?

The UpsideDown mode (in Display settings) is useful, but when enabled and the LCD is at 170°+, the display flips again and becomes useless. Ideally, I'd like to lock-in a specific orientation.

General Help Q&A / A lot of bugs on a EOS 70D, some major too
« on: October 08, 2018, 07:58:36 PM »
Looking at the bug tracker having currently over 400 open issues, I figured I might create a topic first. Maybe some of these are already well-known, or easy to fix for myself. If I should open a bug report for any of those or all of those, just let me know.

So I got my new EOS 70D and installed ML on it ( and at first glance, everything was fine. Until I noticed a bunch of bugs, some of them really annoying:

Please note that within "everything was fine" and "everything was ok" and "all hope is lost" I didn't do anything, not even taking pictures. Still just playing around with the menus, but didn't change any settings (except for focus peaking and zebras, those being on or off don't affect these bugs though).

1) Some menu items (of ML) disappear sometimes. E.g. the lua scripts and the modules tab just disappeared earlier on me. Had to restart the camera around 6 times until it re-appeared.

2) The LCD is sometimes kind-of f*&ked. Currently I only have this in the arkanoid game (which worked fine until yesterday!) but it happened in the menu before too.

Note that this is only on the LCD itself. Taking a screenshot of this (using the ML VRAM screenshot feature) shows the expected normal image.

3) When in the ML liveview and half-pressing the shutter button, I get these super annoying overlays from Canon:

This is how it should look:

4) Changing to any other display theme results in heavy, constant flickering: (GIF didn't catch it, but it's NOT only in the ML menu. It's everywhere.)

5) Not able to change anything in the ML menu at all. After pressing set, I can still cycle through the menu points instead of changing the option:

6) ML overlays do not appear (at all) while Wi-Fi is enabled, even when Wi-Fi isn't in use.

7) USB connection doesn't work at all anymore. "dmesg -w" on the computer shows nothing. Camera on or off, SD card in or out - Same results. The same machine and cable worked fine two days ago in both darktable and the file manager. Will try on another machine soon, but worked on current 2 days ago. No changes (not even a reboot) have been made to PC in-between.
Was due to Wi-Fi being on, not a ML bug. Is there a way to have Wi-Fi enabled and still keep USB port functionality using ML?

8) Shutter speed changes are sometimes ignored by the ML overlay. In normal overlay (canon liveview) it works fine. In ML sometimes I get this weird behaviour:
I decrease the shutter speed by one stop: It works. Camera's top LCD shows the change, so does ML.
I increase it by one stop: Camera top LCD shows the change, ML doesnt. I increase it another stop, ML shows it.
So basically ML's overlay is skipping one stop, but only when I increase the shutter speed. Decreasing works fine all the time.

Happened since the beginning, always: 3), 4), 6)
Happened since yesterday, but constant: 1), 2), 7)
Happens sometimes, since beginning: 5), 8)

I'm sure there's been more that I forgot by now. I'll update as I find more. On a side note: Is there something I should backup just in case ML ends up bricking the camera itself?
I love ML so far but these bugs are really annoying, especially 5), 4) and 2) being quite major issues. If any more information is needed to debug, please ask.

General Help Q&A / Infrared on the EOS 70D
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:17:48 AM »
So, I'll have my 70D soon and was deciding whether or not to get a battery grip. One of the things I liked the most about them is that some have an IR-receiver built-in and come with a remote.

However I was just thinking why I've seen so many IR remotes from canon, but never an IR receiver with them. And then I remembered seeing a red-ir-receiver-like-looking LED/window on the front of a canon camera before (I think it was the 5D). Before I thought it was some AF-assist-light or something. So I looked it up and wow - the 70D has an IR-receiver built-in!

That's great! Now, a few years back I got myself one of these beautiful apple remotes. I basically got it for free (had a gift card and didn't know what else to get) but ever since it's been in my drawer for the last 5 years now as I didn't have any use for it. Until now. It's compact yet seems very sturdy thanks to its full metal body and I think it'd make a great remote for a camera. The problem is: It's not programable.

So my first question would be: Is it possible to change the frequency and delay the camera is looking for with magic lantern?

And my second question: So far I've only found it possible to use remote shutter or remote 2s-shutter with an IR remote. Can ML add more possibilities to this, e.g. using it to control other options?

General Chat / Begging for assistance with what camera to get
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:40:39 PM »
I know this post is long, but I'd really appreciate someone helping me out a lot.

Given that I consider most ML users absolute professionals, I hope I can still get some help with my noob question.

I love photography and post-editing, but so far I've never had a DSLR, only bridge cameras and since I didn't do it professionally, for me that worked fine.

Recently I came across the ML website (not even sure how) and I LOVED that camera emulator. Played a bit around, looked more at the website, and then saw this in the feature list:
Program your own camera!
Write Lua scripts
And my nerd self was instantly in love with ML and determined to get a Canon preferably already yesterday. I used a 500D years ago, but that's all for my canon experience. (Shooting on Olympus at the moment).

I'm considering between the EOS 60D, EOS 650D and EOS 700D (and 70D (?)). If ML were out of the equasion, I'd go with the 70D, mostly because of the better image processor. However, ML plays a big role for me since without it and all it's fancy stuff that will take me weeks to get into I wouldn't get a canon in the first place. Since the 70D is a "work in progress" and haven't gotten an update since over half a year, this one's out of question for me.

So I went to check out the feature matrix but I'm heavily confused. The matrix says the 600D can work all the audio modules, whereas the user guide says the entire audio menu is missing on the 600D and newer.

I can't see a big difference ML feature wise between the 650D and 700D, so between those I'd rather go with the 700D.

So to get to the point: Which differences will I encounter using ML between those three models? Is there by now an audio menu in the 700D or not and if not is there a chance it will happen in the future? I do mostly photography only, so that shouldn't matter as much to me, but it wouldn't hurt to have for sure.

There also seem major differences between 700D.114 and 700D.115 within the feature matrix. Is this just a firmware version or do I have to be careful when buying the camera and watch out for something?

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