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General Help Q&A / Files are missing from the latest build for the Canon SL1
« on: September 09, 2020, 08:52:14 PM »

I have a Canon SL1 running on the v1.0.1 firmware and tried to install the latest build from the "Downloads" webpage and get a message asking me to copy all of the ML files which I actually did from the zip file.

I prepared a new SD card like I did with my older SD card that has an older version of ML.

The files that I found on the zip were:

ML (Folder)

I'm assuming this current zip has some missing files.

I did a low level format on the SD card from the camera with the camera in Manual mode then copied the files from the zip onto the SD card. Back in the camera I run the firmware update process to install ML. That's when I got that error message. I did this same process with the older version of ML without any errors and it works real nice for me.

Does anyone have the missing files so I can complete my install?

Thanks in advance.


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