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A couple of cameras like 80D, 200D etc have time lapse movie with internal timer.

I'm thinking ability to have remote control - doing own time intervals, like 0.1s accuracy for time lapses and also animations in general.

So redirect trig from internal timer - to externally trig this - is what I am searching for.
Very convenient to quickly look at an animation just done - and see how it worked - or not.

Is this implemented for any model yet?

Is there a custom team where I can pay and get this?

Best regards

What lead me here was search for remote intervallometer with better than integer 1s intervals.

I'd like to make any interval by 1/10 of a second accurate.
When at faster pace, 1s, 2s, 3s intervals - it's rather coarse with 25, 50 or 75 times reality for 25 fps movie.
Like controlling the speed of sky clouds or similar to a tempo and right feel for music.

Having a 100D I am thinking of testing, but if not there already maybe wait for it.
I also have a 80D and thinking timelapse movie feature would be swell to set intervall in 1/10s - could very well be as interger, just that value 23 give 2.3s interval. Same for stills intervallometer built in.

Any comments in this is welcome.

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