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Share Your Videos / Music Video - The Void Without You
December 15, 2021, 08:55:01 AM
Hi all,
here my latest dark ambient track made with maschine and komplete : The Void Without You

feedbacks are welcome

Hi all,
this is the latest "Where Orchids Goes To Die" work:

"Track dedicated to the Mesopotamian demon Pazuzu, for us, the faithful servant of our Mother Fucking Queen. Part of the lyrics was taken from the song Homer sang in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXVIII on October 22, 2017."

pandemic cannot stop music!

all music made with Maschine, Komplete and ableton live
video taken with Canon 700D ML, Canon 50mm, Samayang 14mm, Huawei P8, Go Pro Hero4

best regards from Sardinia
Hi all,
here's a brand new release by Where Orchids Goes to Die

"This song narrates the story of Mogoro's Maidens based on a traditional local tale.

Every night, in procession, dressed in white, they pass through the street, which begins with the main church to arrive at "Su Cramu". Detached from the others, there is a solitary maiden with wet hair. Along the path, she stops to speak to an old lady, sitting outside her home to get some fresh air during a hot summer night. She asks the old lady to tell her mother to stop crying for her death: her tears wet the maiden, making her heavy, holding her from reaching her sisters.

Dedicated to who's gone and who stays."

all music has been produced and recorded with maschine mk3 and komplete kontrol S49 Mk2
video taken in one shot with Canon 700D (ML fw) and edited with Adobe Premiere

comments and feedbacks welcome
best regards
Share Your Videos / [SHORTFILM] A Story Of Silence
October 06, 2020, 09:02:06 AM
Hi all,
I just wanna present to you my latest work: A Story Of Silence


"2045 - Conspiracy activists and negationists have ascended to power, and they have a solid plan to stay there: the elimination of independent individual thought through the elimination of all forms of knowledge and culture, including human ones. Thus, a small resistance of intellectuals, artists, who fight in order not to surrender to this new form of totalitarianism, is born: it is war; ignorance is being fought with books and violence, violence to which they themselves have been exposed to, savagely, arbitrarily. What if this is not only fiction?
In this work of dystopic/horror matrix, we wanted to reflect on the role of culture and censorship in our contemporary world, mainly in the western part: culture and knowledge that are increasingly being underestimated and often denigrated; a censorship that is no longer imposed from above, by governments, dictatorships, but a censorship that starts from below, by the individual user, who puts his veto through social media platforms (now privileged places for sharing art and culture), which leave complete freedom of judgment and allow total anonymity, being exclusively devoted to economic return, thus abandoning us to a "battle of the hane-nots". But what if this complete freedom is nothing more than a decoy?"

the shortfilm has won the Rome Art Week 2020 - Miami New Media Festival

it has been shot with canon 700D with ML latest firmware and canon 35mm && 50mm lenses

feedbacks and comments are very welcome

best regards from Sardinia
Share Your Videos / The Mourning Path Short film and OST
November 04, 2019, 09:21:33 AM
Hi all,
I just want to present my latest work:

it's a shortfilm with dark ambient electronic soundtrack:

"The Mourning Path" is an indipendent short movie realised by the Sardinian artists Mebitek and JeleRaus.
It is the story, and the point of view, of a young woman, Kate, who experienced her greatest loss: her life - but also the loss of all those painful episodes which mark each and every existance - letting them go by facing them one last time.
Her path to oblivion, strongly desired, is marked by the encounter with her most oppressive obsessions and sufferings, which are personified, anthropomorphised, a quintessence of desperation.
The last Boss, exactly as inside a videogame, represents the Electra complex, not in a Freudian point of view, but mostly in a literary sense.
In this work, identity - art - technology are inextricably intertwined: in fact the art medium used is technology itself, especially in the editing phase, in which this aspect played an essential role, without which the objective wouldn't have been reached.
Here, identities represented by the artistic medium are more than one: the woman, seen as a daughter, as a protagonist, as a desperate and strong entity, but hopefully never stereotyped; the father, who is also represented in many different ways within the project; the entities and identities which personify everyone's life phases, framed in an unsettling but at the same time liberating scenography. But in a way it also represents a community of people's identity, whose shared imagines and beliefs shaped a collective imagination which can be represented and read in multiple ways.
Therefore, this project is a manifestation of the union between identity - art - technology.

feedbacksa re really welcome on both video and soundtrack
regards from sardinia

Hi guys,
here's my last work using ML firmware on Canon 700D, canon 50mm, canon 18-55, Yongnuo 35mm.
edited with premiere pro and after effects

From the acid and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure immaculated nature of Sardinia, an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness transforms electronics into a cinematic orchestra.
mebitek, the manufactured eXPerience

from the album "Art Has No Diplomacy"

feedback welcome

best regards from sardinia
Hi all, this is my new work:

A shortfilm by mebitek cinematics (mebitek & Serena Pilloni)

A bizarre, surreal and grotesque pantomime, in which the Unconscious (based on Jung's thories) is explored, inside a mind afflicted by a personality disorder.

After the whirl and creation, we finally reached the final chapter: the funeral. Leading us to a Shakespearean reborn, but sentenced to survive in an eternal loop, until the end of time.

"And finally I reached the underworld...
As rain, as teardrops, you're slipping on the window pane and I cannot catch thee. Then, I look at thee through the glass of my imagination: idealised, perfect, mine, in a loop, until the end of time."

previous chapters:
1- The Unconscious (Cinematic Movement)
2- MebiStep (Beget Movement)

original soundtrack by
manufactured with:
- Native Instruments Maschine
- Spitfire Audio Noisemaker
- Spitfire Audio Albion V
- Spitfire Audio Labs Atmos
- Heavyocity Damage
- Spitfire Audio Labs Harmonic Piano
- Heavyocity Scoring Guitars
- Spitfire Audio Albion One
- Cinesamples Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato

the video was shooted with a canon 700D, 35mm, 50mm, 18-55mm lens and edited with adobe premiere pro and after effects

feedbacks are welcome
Hardware and Accessories / yongnuo 35mm F2 focus
September 18, 2017, 12:36:44 PM
I bought the cheap yongnuo 35mm lens but in ML I do not get the focus distance information.
Someone can point to me how to achive that?
Hi guys, this is my first work on ML. it's a the first trailer of a coming soon short film, planned for the end of october.
Hope you can give to me some feedbacks
Teaser s- The End Of Everything (Funeral Movement)
The last chapter of #Unconscious #trilogy is coming in #Autumn #2017. Will the riddle be finally solved? Perhaps.
Here's an hint: As rain, teardrops, thou art slipping on the window pane and I cannot catch thee. Then, I look at thee through my imagination window: idealised, perfect, mine, in a loop, until the end of time.
best regards from Sardinia
User Introduction / My introduction
September 08, 2017, 11:53:23 AM
Hi all,
my name is Claudio and I come from Sardinia. I'm an electronic musician that recently start to produce my own music videos.
i start with a canon G25 camera and now I own a Canon 700D so I start using ML and I find it so cool!!!

I'm planning on october to release my first short footage based on my music and a little teaser planned for those days using ML

If you wanna like to see my works here's my youtube channel:

best regards frm Sardinia and thanks for the great ML!!!
Feature Requests / ISO button shortcut
September 08, 2017, 11:51:22 AM
is it possibile to assign a different ISO control shortcut instead of the LCD sensor activator in the 700D? I think that should be better to use some combination of buttons and front wheel as per aperture and shutter speed