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Newbie here. I don't quite want to jump into the raw workflow quite yet. Just wondering what the technical benefits are to using ML without shooting raw. Specifically, is there a way to improve image quality? What would be the other main benefits? Thanks.

Post-processing Workflow / Vegas Pro - What workflow do people use?
« on: August 27, 2019, 08:09:38 AM »
I have pro 16. What's the best way to convert MLV files to edit there?

Meaning, not just using a portion of the sensor to record HD video. I'm especially curious about newer cameras like the 80D, M6, M100 etc. Is there a spec sheet somewhere that I should be looking for?

I have EF lenses, so preferably an aps-c with EF/EF-S mount. I just want to buy a really cheap camera to test out magic lantern, therefore I'd like to know which cameras run ML very stable. Thanks!

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