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Hello all!
I'm trying to shoot clips in Aperture priority mode while moving from dark to light areas. While in the live view i see a very nice exposure ramping, if i review the MLV sequence in post i notice jumps in exposure.
I tried to use the deflickr module and to follow some post processing workflows, for example by correcting the black and white levels on the DNG sequence with EXIFTool, but they are the same over the whole clip.
What should i check to reproduce those smooth exposure transitions in my editing environment? (Resolve in my case)
Thank you!
User Introduction / Hello from Italy
May 10, 2017, 12:00:53 PM
Hi all! New to the forum.

I'm from Italy, a spare-time-filmmaker aiming to work mainly on caving videos. I used a BMPCC from a friend but found it to be very difficult to manage, both battery wise and in low light.
Purchased a second hand 5DMKIII last year mainly for photography, and never had the "bravery" to install ML firstly because my camera came with the latest firmware, then because i feared to fry something.

Well this week i decided to go on and downgrade to 1.2.3 FW then install ML on my machine.
It was smoother that i thought, and no fried my 5D yet!  :D
And I was speechless from the first tests.

So... to keep it simple: Thank you!