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Gday ladies and gents.

Im not going to arse out by asking "Y U NO PORT 1300D OMGLEL' or anything craphouse like that, instead im going to knuckle down and try to do it myself.

But im having some trouble finding some information

Im stating at the beginning (omg right) and looking to dump the firmware on the 1300D. Unfortunately the Portable Dumper FIR stalls at Dumping ROM0. Now reading leads me to believe either

1) The dumper isnt supporting the camera quite right
2) The SD cards ive tried (Sandisk 8 and 16GB Exteme's and a no-name 4GB) arent playing nicely with the dumper.

#2 ill work on and try to find an old 512 card or similar which posts suggest might work better, but the critical question I cant find the answer to is
Where is the source for the Portable Firmware dumper and how would one compile an FIR. All the topics ive found relating to the PFD refer to it as a script, instead of a firmware file, so im a little lost and thinking ive missed something.

Thanks in advance for any pointers on that quest.

PS. I have SOME experience with embedded development and arm, but im by no means a pro, or even a skilled hobbyist, so dont expect much from me :)

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