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Reverse Engineering / Does ML actuate the aperture by itself?
« on: February 23, 2017, 02:01:08 PM »
Hi guys,

Does ML use it's own functions/routines to actuate the aperture, or just calls (jumps to) routines in the Canon binary? If it does, the initialization of the lens is made by the Canon binary, or ML takes control? Is here a schematic for a probing stand for lenses? Apologies if I ask too much!
Thank you!

Edit: for the question nr.1, somehow I found and answer of @huston on google group in 2010,
That's right -- we just call the Canon firmware functions to adjust
the lens and it does the rest.  Interestingly, the aperture values
reported in the lens protocol are the same as the ones that we
deduced, so it seems that Canon's interface is just a thin layer on
the SPI protocol.
and, if this continue to be true, then there is also the answer for the question nr.2.

But, meantime, I found the SPI initialization of the lens, lens info reading, aperture actuating for a PIC microcontroller that commands the lens.
The author may have used the info from ML!?

Best regards,
Vasile Guta-Ciucur

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