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MLVFS not working after a couple months of inactivity. it was working fine just a couple months ago. then i stopped recording videos and havent run it since. but now i recently started up again and for some reason it doesnt work now. i enter in the correct commands in command prompt but it just bring me back to the start

C:\>cd MLVFS

C:\MLVFS>mlvfs.exe Z:/ --mlv-dir=C:\Users\mesem\Videos\pop


and thats how it always goes occasionally a second command prompt window will appear but only for a second and then it just closes.
is there some kind of log somewhere where i can figure out exactly why it is failing?
(using windows 10)
can someone help me on an issue? i use to be able to record and resolutions continuously that for some reason i am not able to record now without stopping. also i am not able to record 60fps for more than a couple seconds when before i could do it continuously . the only thing that has changed is that I installed magic lantern on new sd card i just got and ever since then things havent been the same. i dont know why.

r/w speeds from debug menu: write speed :29mbps read speed :malloc error: buffer=16777216
hello i just noticed i can not see all of what I am able to record on my LCD screen while im recording. there are two black bars on the top and bottom of my LCD screen and im trying to shoot a 4:3 video but the top and bottom of the max resolution are being cut off since im shooting higher than 1080 vertically. is there a way I can get rid of the black bars? or at least make them a lower opacity or something? HELP :0 ! I know i can just pick a lower resolution but thats no fun. thank you if anyone has any answers ( also i just checked and it even does this when i only shoot with a 1080 vertical!)
General Help Q&A / RBG Dots Help.
December 23, 2017, 10:46:01 PM
hello i noticed when i record RAW that if i go to a higher iso than 100 (ive only tested 100 and 800) i have this layer of dots on my video. i know if i apply chroma smoothing these dots will go away. but i was wondering if thats the only option, as chroma smoothing lowers video quality. is there anything i can do to prevent this? or do i just have to deal with it? lol
(btw im using the version of magic lantern with loseless video & sound.)

Raw Video / RAW Playback Notification
August 14, 2017, 10:43:31 PM
hey im wondering if there is like an email list or something where I can be notified when someone fixes and uploads the fix for the playback of raw files on camera. (if you dont know : you cant really playback raw files as itll bring up some kind of fio_malloc error. so the playback option is pretty much usless)
as of now i just keep checking back to the site but I feel like im wasting my time by doing so, so often lol.
maybe if not by email is there like a specific thread i can bookmark or something that when itll be fixed it will DEFINITELY be posted there..
thank you people of magic lantern
General Help Q&A / Dual ISO Problem help
July 08, 2017, 11:37:32 PM
hello, so i took some picutres today with dual iso and went to go throw them in the whole cr2hdr.exe  and it usually works and spits out a good image but i dont know why but today when i dropped an image into it, it converted the image i think but it was reeduced to an unusable size.
went from 5280x3528 to 252 x 384.
i am not sure why can any one help?
Feature Requests / selective global drae
July 07, 2017, 11:06:06 PM
i know global draw decreases preformance of cameras when it is on at the same time you are recording a raw video.
i dont know if that is a general thing like lets say you have all the overlays on vs just one overlay on will it make a difference in preformance or does it not matter and just has to do with the fact that global draw is on in general? but if it does matter maybe someone can make a selective global draw that way you can pick which features you can see while recording vs not recording.
for instance i use focus peaking to better focus manually but i dont really need it while i am recording.
so it would be helpful to have crop marks while i am recording and not have focus peaking since i wont need it once im in focus.
and hopefully that could allow people more versatility in terms of preformance
Raw Video / RAW + DUAL ISO video ? how
May 25, 2017, 08:47:07 PM
okay there are no youtube videos on how to go about this but ive seen a couple video on peoples results.
I turned on the module and set the iso to 100/800 .
but now my camera just takes videos with alternating horizontal lines down the screen and my mlv files converted to dng look no different.
please help  :-*
Share Your Videos / 700D / t5i RAW test low light
March 11, 2017, 10:03:26 PM
all of these quick shots were pretty much shot in low light/ no light with a high iso (i think 1600). its not really cinematic or anything like everyone else posts lol
just testing. in the stove scene there are white dots flying around everywhere. is that because of noise reduction that it is that way? if i shoot in good lighting that is never the case. give me some low light tips?
Raw Video / HELP with y e l l o w dots?
February 06, 2017, 11:06:22 PM
ok guys so i just shot raw 720p for the first time on my canon 700D and in post i have some yellow dots in one of my shots. i heard you should slighty over expose to get better quality with raw and the rest of the video turned out reallllllyyy good just the yellow dots part. would i remove this with like a pink dot remover? even if they are yellow? (yellow blocks) ive never used a pink dot remover so i dont know if this is the same problem. thanks :0 let me know if anyone needs a sample of what im talking about or if you guys already know my issue.