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Hi guys,
I'm here as i written (if i can say that about a application :D ) a veeeery simple gui for mlv_dump.

It's very simple, just install it, open a .mlv file, choose output dir and the parameters you want to apply (there's also a little preset possibility, for example i apply 2x2 chroma smoothing to my 700D to get rid of focus pixels)

It's nothing will make you scream but.. It works and makes mlv_dump easyer for who doesn't know how to use command line


you can donwload the installer here

If you want to help (next thing after i will have moved to my new house will we re-write this using a framework like ultimate++ to make it cross-platform and implement mlv_dump natively) just check the project on here

It's still alpha release. Help me to discover bugs.
Hi guys,
i'm here because i'd like to expand my set of lenses for my 700D :)

as i don't earn a lot of money every month  ::) i have to correctly choose what are the best lenses i could get.

i'd like to go for prime lenses (wide aperture and many other things) and i'm here to ask you to share what you do use most in your videomakeing activities

of course there is no one simple solution to everything as there are people making short movies, others making events (like weddings and so on), others for documentaries etc..

so what are the lenses you use most and for what?

i'm asking that as i'm interested in buying a wide angle for my aps-c cam but still can't decide if it's better to spend on a samyang (rokinon/whatever it's called in your country :D ) 14mm or the 16mm for making short movies in both open area and indoor

So.. share you're lens kit, what are your favourite and why :) can be useful for many other guys here