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Feature Requests / Automatic UniWB
October 05, 2017, 12:09:19 PM
ML says WB is set to UniWB when I set it to custom WB which is indeed UniWB achieved through Guillermo's method:

dcraw -v -w -q 3 -T -4 _MG_5751.CR2
Loading Canon EOS 5D Mark III image from _MG_5751.CR2 ...
Scaling with darkness 2046, saturation 15488, and
multipliers 1.001967 1.006883 1.000000 1.006883

From that a series of questions arose:

1. How does ML know this is UniWB and not just any custom WB?
2. Does it detect that it is close to perfect UniWB (as in my case the error is under 1%)?
3. Does ML know what is the perfect UniWB for a given camera body (libraw's tools seem to know as FastRawViewer has a setting for it)
4. If the answer to 3 is "Yes, it is possible to read that" - the next logical question is:
5. Is it possible to make a function which automatically sets the accurate UniWB for the particular camera body with 0% error?

My question is about photo, not video.

I recently tried ML for the first time and I see it displays RAW histograms in live view. Unfortunately this doesn't help me to ETTR with studio strobes.

Is it possible to view raw histogram and or otherwise check for raw channel over/under exposure *after* taking the shot?

The camera is 5D3 in case that matters.

I am interested in installing ML on my 5D3 mainly because I want to see the real raw histograms on the camera display. As far as I understand from what I read on the site, the ML software stays on the card itself and is not flashed inside camera's built-in memory. I also read that it is possible to format the card without removing ML.

As I am completely new to ML I have some questions:

  • What would happen if the card is removed from the camera? Will it be possible to use another card (without ML on it) with the standard Canon firmware?
  • What if the card with ML gets damaged at certain point in time? (they don't last forever) Will the camera be able to boot? Or is there any danger of making the camera bricked because of a damaged card? If in such situation the camera fails to boot - will it be enough to simply remove the card, i.e. will that boot the original firmware?
  • 5D3 has 2 card slots - SD and CF. I have one CF card and several SD. Should ML be installed on each card? Or will installing it on one card make it possible to write images to any of the cards? Example: If I install ML on the CF card, will I be able to I simply put the next formatted SD card (without ML on it) when the previous one gets filled? Is there any particular setting specifying which card to boot from?

I hope you can clarify this.
Thank you!