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Hardware and Accessories / 7D copper shim 'hardware mod'
« on: September 23, 2015, 09:26:25 AM »
Just sharing my little 'hardware mod' on my 7D. Not sure if this is the right channel to post.

Got inspired from and modding my LG G3 phone proved to be 'cooler' by 3°-4°c.
So why not on my 7D? Warranty is over anyway :D

Follow the steps from:
You can skip Steps 1 and 2 as you dont need to remove the access ports/rubber.

There's a lot of air gap in between the Digic processors and logic board shield:

Making sure the shims covers the Digic processors nicely:

Used Arctic Silver 3 thermal paste in between the shims and chips (and in hope that the viscosity of the paste holds it up *fingers crossed*):

Also some thermal paste in between the shims and logic board shield. I polished the copper shims to a mirror finish to maximize surface area, and note the paper folded on the bottom in case the shims slides down it'll 'catch' it:

Haven't done any temperature testing but I'm sure this will help just a wee bit in dissipating heat.
The copper shims is 15mmx15mmx0.5mm and can be easily purchase from eBay. A thicker shim will close the gap between processor and shield even closer but afraid the heavier weight might slide down and muck it up.
Maybe a longer rectangular shim that covers both the Digic processors and supported by the folded paper would be better? Can't seem to find off-the-shelf rectangular copper shims thou.

Feel free to have a say what you guys think.. cheers.

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