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Raw Video / Workflow advice for deleting unused MLV
November 09, 2015, 12:49:32 AM
Anyone got a good workflow for deleting unused MLVs?

I used MLVFS and end up grading in Davinci. I would love a way to auto-delete all unused MLVs, and would consider any work flow that allows for it (including non MLVFS). I currently archive the prores 4444s from my final premiere edit but would ideally like to keep the .MLVs as every time I get better at editing I wish I could go back to fix up old projects.

Raw Video / MLV_dump subtract resulting in Purple band
October 07, 2015, 12:16:29 PM
I've attempted to subtract a dark frame with-in MLV_dump. The resulting MLV has a purple band cross the lower third which is visible when opened in AE, Photoshop, Davinci Resolve. Does anyone have a solution? Or an efficient way of incorporating FPN removal into a work flow?


I have a MLV raw file that is approx. 18,000 frames. When I convert these to DNG using RawMagic it only converts approx. 12,000. I know this because I can actually view all the frames in MLRawViewer. The file is spanned over 8 files approx. 31gb in size. It was recorded on a 32gb card and did not run out of memory, I actually manually stopped the recording before the card filled up. 2 of the spanned files (.MLV and .M02) are 4.28gb instead (not sure if this is relevant).

Does anyone have a solution? I've tried to export from MLRawViewer but all the frames are crazy pink.

Please excuse me if there is a topic on this - I have tried to search but mainly find answers about .raw and changing the header.