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Hello! First, thank you developers of Magic Lantern for developing this tool and for the support on the forums. Every camera question regarding filming I got it answered after searching for a while. You guys deserve a medal for the effort! Now, to the boring stuff.

I'm a very new user of the RAW and I have some questions about post processing.
I want to make proxy files for editing and dailies, and the only way I knew was to use DaVinci Resolve (I'm now using the 11.0.0b.037 version) because I can sync the audio and export easily (although I'm having some issues syncing more than one .wav to a video, but that's a issue not regarding ML at all). But, when I open the DNG sequence, Davinci monitor shows a very saturated and high contrast image, even making some of the roll offs seem like a 6-bit image, and even a h.264 test we did had better colors. Because I was using for proxy, I thought it wasn't a big deal, but when I opened one frame using ACR (8.5), the image was completely different.

ProRes 422 frame processed in DaVinci 11 with baked-in settings

DNG frame processed in ACR with baked-in settings

I'm not the most expert user of DaVinci, but I knew the problem was with the camera RAW processing, so I started messing all the parameters up (I can't screenshot the camera RAW settings, weird) until I got the image like the ACR, but I failed. Does anyone knows what else could be the problem? Thank you very much for any help!

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