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I just started playing around with the trap focus (continuous) on my 600d. I´m using magiclantern-Nightly.2014Jun10.600D102

For me, the shortcut to activate Trap Focus (AF key) doesn´t work in LV. (while, as i´ve understood, Trap Focus only works in LV).

But my main issue is that once i start continuous trap focus i can´t stop it anymore. or at least it´s a bit tricky.
I have to press SB halfway and press thrash to get into the ML menue. but i have to time this so that I don´t press the trash button while the camera shows the picture the has just been taken. mostly the time frame to get into the ML menue between review and shooting a new picture is very short.

Is there anything i´m overlooking or doing wrong?

What i´m looking for is a shortcut to toggle between Trap Focus off and continuous. That would be awesome :-)



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