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General Chat / Backup camera - Canon Powershot
« on: June 26, 2012, 06:42:52 AM »
I bought a Canon SX230 as a backup camera in case my 550D packed up on a crucial shoot (on board an oil tanker of all things). As usual though the 550D with ML 2.2 never faltered but I had a play with the SX230 and was really impressed. It shoots at 1080p/24 plus a super slo-mo frame rate of 200+  fps (but only at a very small picture size).  There is also a firmware hack similar to ML (but nowhere near as powerful)

The quality is very very good, not quite up to the 550D, and it's so easy to use - perfect for "run n gun" situations. I take it everywhere. Only criticism is the battery life - but spare batteries on eBay aren't expensive.

The 230SX has been superseded by a newer model now so you can pick one up for around GBP £150 - a great bargain.

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