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When shooting films, I set camera to all manual mode, and set custom ISO, WB, Cinestyle profile etc.

If after that I'm taking a picture in a new environment (e.g. in Av mode), I find myself changing multiple settings to auto, exposure compensation to 0 EV, and changing picture profile back. If something's wrong, I can then take control, tweak settings, or develop RAW later.

I know I could jump the wheel to green "AUTO", but I would like to take advantage of semi-automatic modes (Tv, Av, P).

It would be useful when shooting in new environment - imagine you're taking your camera out of your bag, press a button, and start with a "clean sheet" of settings you can tweak if needed :)

Is this possible?
Can I write a script to do that? Is it possible to code something like:
set_kelvin(AUTO); ?

Feature Requests / Movie player with fast forward[700D]
« on: March 17, 2014, 12:39:44 AM »
Standard movie player has no fast forward/rewind capabilities, at least in my 700D.

When reviewing long clips, it would be very useful. E.g. when camera was set on a tripod, you started recording (with movie-restart on), and then look for a specific moment.

Just an idea :)

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