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... and Intervalometer, for sure.
Who guess in which scenes I used Dual-Iso?


5D3, 5D2, 70-200mm f2.8, 16-35mm f2.8

Is it possible to .MLV nonstop rec in 1080p30 in a 5DIII with a SDXC 64gb write speed250 MB/s?

You can be short and sweet.
Because I was thinking in using this card to rawrec.


Well... I just want to know if there are any ways of converting (in the computer) all the raw files that I shot into a .mov, as fast and as simple as the software of the camera do when recording a video (not on raw)... Well.. I`m asking that because when you are about to edit a film you have lots of takes that you won`t use and it takes a long time to import all the dng files in to LR and than compacting to jpg. and sending it to Premiere to make the .mov or .mp4 file. I prefer to edit the video, make the audio sync and and do all these stuff before doing the color grading and etc... So I'm thinking that if I could compact all the raw files into mov files, like the camera does instantly after record a video, I would be able to make all the edition with the file compacted and than select the scenes that I want to work on... And so a would pic the raw files of these scenes and work on that and than just relink the media.

Well another solution can be a program that convert dng sequences into .mov or .mp4 ... but is it would be important that the program convert each folder into a diferent video file. This option would be even better because in this case I don`t have to keep the raw files (that are really large).

Well I hope that i've been clear

Thanks, Already

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