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I have been running the nightly builds of 5d3 ML for over a month - I have the bootflag enabled so full version of ML loading with the nice fonts (as opposed to the non-bootflag version with original fonts and limited menus). When I run the R/W Benchmark, the screen output scrolls off the bottm of the visible screen, and also the BMP files written to the CF card show the same. Is there a way to getthe contents to fit inside the visible screen, as I chop off the bottom test in the benchmark. Also, I notice that in the view window the left side of the visible video frame (on 1920x1080) is sliced off - almost as if the viewport is a pixel or two set to the left. I'll try to paste a screenshot here:

Any ideas how to get this displayed to show the complete frame?

Thanks, Paul
I have been testing out my new Komputer Bay 128GB 1050x card in my 5d3. Running benchmarks in ML, I am seeing some strange results. At first it made me think that the 72MB/sec max write speed I was seeing was a flaw in the CF card, but on making a few tweaks to settings on the camera I am seeing varying results on the benchmark test - so its making me think that maybe the card is capable of the advertised 100MB/sec write speeds, and maybe the overheads imposed by the firmware/operation are causing the loss of speed in benchmarks. This is what I ran and my findings:

Test 1: Global Draw - on, All other overlay function settings - off, liveview mode - on

So max write speed here is 77.7MB/sec

Test 2:  Global Draw - OFF, All other overlay function settings - n/a, liveview mode - on

Test 3: Global Draw - OFF, All other overlay function settings - n/a, liveview mode - OFF (so the switch on the back was flipped to regular viewfinder mode as you would have generally for stills):

Bizzarely, the benchmark managed 92.3MB/sec here.

This shows that the display options have a huge effect on ML's write performance, and I'm thinking now that maybe the Komputer Bay card is capable of its advertised 100MB/sec write speed, but the software is just not capable of being able to write data that fast due to overheads.

Should I send the card back due to thinking it is not capable of attaining the advertised write speeds? The performance when shooting RAW does appear to be rather random/erratic.

Comments on a postcard please...

My first post here, so hi to everyone. I am configured as follows:

camera: 5d3 running f/w: 1.1.3
ML version: Nightly build  2013-10-16 (with boot flag enabled)
ML installed on: 8GB SD card
ML capturing to: 128GB 1050x Komputer Bay CF card

Just running some benchmarks as I received my 1050x card today. Not getting quite as high a write speed as I had hoped. 68.7MB/s is fastest write with 16384k buffer.

Wondering how I do a screenshot of the display so I can post the benchmark results in the forum here?

Thanks for your time, Paul A