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I've had a stable 5DMkII with ML 2.3 on canon firmware 2.1.2 for over a year. Tonight I tried controlling the camera from EOS Utility for the first time since I installed ML. Now the camera is fried. It will turn on in auto mode, and take a still pic. I can access the Canon Menu, but not the ML menu only in auto mode. In manual mode, I can't do anything. Of course I have a shoot at 8am.
Hardware and Accessories / Card reader help
October 11, 2013, 08:22:53 AM
Is it true that USB 2 can't provide the power needed by the USB 3 CF card readers? I don't have USB 3. I have FW800 or a PCI card slot in my 2010 Macbook Pro. Anyway I can make this work? I've given up trying to figure out what CF card to buy. This place is chaos. There should be someplace people can enter failures with a particular card so we can track their reliability.