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i try to make some timelapse videos. suing the intervalometer.
Now i got 1000 CR2 files. Try to open it in "Davinci Resolve 12.5". (Win7, PC)
works. BUT.. i cannot change raw settings like color temperature,
shadows, gain, etc. i can change those numbers.. but the image
doesn't change. (its like a jpg image.. but not raw. i can change kurves, but not the raw data))

than i tried to convert the CR2 files into DNG using the "adobe DNG Converter".
But Resolve did not recognize those DNG files. "file not found" (no image)
I don't have Lightroom and i don't want to use Adobe Tools.
Post-processing Workflow / FPS override problem
October 29, 2016, 04:18:20 PM

I shoot some video with a two camera setup. One Camera (Canon60D) recording h264 files in 25fps (no ML)
and the 50D with magic Lantern recording raw at 25 fps using "FPS Override".

- Desired FPS 25 (from 30)
- Otimized for: Exact FPS

Later in Resolve i noticed that i cannot sync the clips. I have to change the Clip speed of the raw footage to 24.900.
But when i scroll threw the footage (split screen h264 on the left, raw on the right) i noticed that sometime i have to change the speed to 24.890 or 24.910
It was impossible to match those clips. 24.900 was almost in sync.

Any solutions?


i searched the forum but did not found ONE good Shoulder Rig solution.
If you take a look at the "Black Ursa Mini" the whole camera is placed on the shoulder.
I want to build something similar for the Canon 7D, 5D mark II, etc.

A RIG where i don't have to counterweight the camera.
I want to place the Canon Camera directly in the middle of my shoulder. Than i want two handles in front
of me. And a monitor or viewfinder infront of my face. But the Canon Camera should be
exactly on my shoulder.

Reasons: I want to keep the RIG as leightweight as possible.
Camera + Rods, handles and a monitor. balanced with no extra weight.

Should i buy a RIG like this one:

and change the rods?
Is it possible to get a monitor, or field monitor infront of my eyes... if the camera is directly placed on my shoulder?
what fieldmonitor is the best. (small one) to have directly infront of you? (leightweight, small, but sharp) or should i go with a viewfinder?
And do i get all the Info like "Peaking" from the ML-Menu as output on my fieldmonitor / viewfinder?

I want to stabilize some footage in Resolve. I got a face/person in the foreground.
And a little bit of camerashake in the backround. If i try to stabilize the the footage Resolve
tracks the movement of the face. But this is not what i want. So i tried to crop the image
or using power windows. and "select" only the backround. and try to stabilize again.
But Resolve allways tracks the whole footage. Not area i want.

I want resolve to focus on the backround. And stabilize the backround.
Not the face in the middle of the frame.
Any ideas?

Got a problem with Davinci Resolve

I shoot RAW with my Canon 50D and convert to DNG using ML MlRawViewer_1_4_3.
In Davinci Resolve i set the White Balance to Costum
Color Space = BMD
Gamma = BMD Film 4.6K

With the new DNG Files... i cannot select "BMD Film 4.6K" anymore.
And with the old files.. if i switch to Rec709 and than set the color space to "BMD" again..
i also cannot choose BMD Film 4.6K anymore. Only "BMD Film".
I graded all the footage using "BMD Film 4.6K". So i have to use it.

EDIT: maybe it has something to do with an update from and older Resolve 12 Version.
In the old Version i could select BMD Film 4.6k. and in the new version not. (but the program is so smart
to keep the 4.6k files in that 4.6K "Gamma" space mode)

It would be helpfull if someone can tell me if he can use "Gamma = BMD Film 4.6K" in Resolve
I've got a strange problem in Resolve. The Image
in Resolve looks "washed out" / grey. but when i render it.. it looks fine.

Here is a screenshot:

i rendered a uncompressed avi file. So no codec / compression algoryhtm which
changes the colors or something. Any idea how to fix it?
btw. when i start Resolve i've got the "Quicktime thing not found". (but i've got quicktime)
Might that be the problem?

I want to buy a new PC. Budget: Around 1000,- Euros.
Want to edit ML raw Footage in Davinci Resolve. (Did this allready with my old PC, but its slow)
My last two computers was some "Gaming PC" from ARLT. (
I've checked these three PC's (one from "ARLT", the other two from "Cyberport")


1. ARLT - Gaming PC - 960,- EURO

- Intel Core i7-4790 (3,6GHz)
- 240GB SSD
- 1000GB HDD
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX750
- ohne Betriebssystem


2. LENOVO - "Cyberport" - 650,- EURO

- Intel® Core™ i5-4460 Prozessor (bis zu 3,40 GHz), Quad-Core
-16 GB RAM
- 120 GB SSD,
- 1 TB Festplatte
- NVIDIA GeForce GT730 Grafik (2048 MB)
- Windows 10 Home 64 Bit


3. LENOVO - "Cyberport" - 880,- EURO

- Intel® Core™ i5-6400 Prozessor (bis zu 3,3 GHz), Quad-Core
- 16 GB RAM
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 Grafik (2048 MB)
- Windows 10 Home 64 Bit,


The first "Lenovo" PC is much cheaper, but got 16 MB ram. But only "i5" instead of "i7" CPU.
And only 120 GB SSD instead of 240 GB. The Second Lenovo got a 2 TB SSHD...
and i don't know if a "hybrid modell" is good or bad.

I don't care for "Windows 10". I've got Win7, so i would
install Win7 on the PC. Do not want Win 10 at all.

I want a PC with:

- I5 (or i7)
- 16 GB ram
- some NVIDA Card
- SSD (don't know if its important to have 240 GB, i think 120 GB is enough for Windows 7 and Systemsoftware. For Videostorrage even 240 GB is to small)
- NO Windows 10.

Any "thoughts" about that configuration. Is it enough. Should i spend more money?
What are the really IMPORTANT parts when buying a new PC.

And do you know some good Computer stores in Berlin. I was allways a big fan of "".
But they are not in Berlin. I can order a PC online. But I´m more the guy that goes into a store
and buy a PC in a store. So is the only decent PC Hardware Store i know in Berlin so far.
I'm not so happy with Acer, HP... Lenovo did great Laptops. Any sugesstion on Brands... which i should avoid?
Hi... I bought some new Monitor. Nothing spezial. A "LG Electronics 24MB35PY-B".
Put it via DVI on my Graphic Card. Running FullHD (1080p) in 60 Hz.

And the "flickering" (not really a flickering... more like "image slicing flicker" thing) when watching movies, own videos files, etc... driving me nuts.
I filmed my monitor... so here is an example:

I don't know how to fix that issue. Is it the "Refresh rate" of the monitor? The DVI cable?

these are the specs of my current (old) PC:

CPU:                  Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz
RAM:                 4 GB (DDR2)
graphic card:     NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Mainboard:        MS-7514
System:            Win7 (64bit)
Edit-Software:   Resolve 12

It is/was a "gamer PC" which i bought at years ago.
I want to buy some new PC.. but at the moment i could not afford one.
I know "Resolve 12" using GPU Power. Do you think its an good idea to
invest in some new Graphic Card?

Problem is. I´m a totaly hardware noob. I know nothing about "DDR3" or "GDDR5"
(i dont' know if it works on my mainboard.. or if i have to stick to "DDR2".
I have no idea about "pins" and "power suply", etc.
And i don't know if i could use my old graphic card parallel with a new one... so i get
the power from two cards. (is this possible?)

It would be cool if some "hardware-guys" can tell me if its possible to upgrade my system
with a new GPU-Card. If so. Which card should i buy for Video-Editing only. (I'm not a gamer.)
I want to spend between 100-200 Euro. I want to replace the old one.
(but maybe i can run both together.)

Any sugesstions.


I shoot some raw video with my Canon 60D at 1280 x 544 pixel.
I convert the MLV files with MlRawViewer Version 1.4.3 to get some DNG Files.
I open the dng files in AE CS6 .. and also tried DaVinci Resolve 11.

I noticed some difference when i open the DNG Files in DaVinci.
Have a look:

AE CS6 Version (good):

DaVinci Resolve Version (bad):

Resolve VS AE comparison (scale: 150%):

AE looks so much better. The "camera ISO noise" is much smaller than in the "Resolve" Version.
I tried different settings in Resolve (set everything up to high resoution) but
cannot fix that problem.

Its not only the noise... when you donwload both imges and switch between the two images
you will notice that the davince version is darker than the AE Version.. but i use the same color temperature,
gama, etc. (i did not change the gama at all). But the main problem is the noise.

Raw Video / Something between h.264 and RAW
September 11, 2013, 04:11:32 PM

My english is not that good but i will try my best.
The RAW features are awesome. But some DSLR (60d) are limited writing on SD Cards.
So. my question is.
Why RAW? I know. RAW got a high dynamic range. Its 14 bit, right?
For HD you need 90-100 MB per Second.

Would it be possible to write only 12-bit, 10-bit, or 8-bit RAW Files.
Or uncompressed png files, or tiffs-sequenze, or PhotoJPG (95%-100%)
I think RAW will never be possible for Canon D60. (FullHD, or nearly FullHD)
But it would be great to shoot nearly FullHD in an almost uncompressed File Format. (anything better than h264)
Not exactly RAW, but also not H264.

I don't know if its a silly idea. Maybe there is allready
a thread about this topic in this forum anywhere.?!