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Share Your Videos / 6D Raw music video with VAF filter
August 20, 2013, 04:50:22 AM

I made this for a contest for the musician M83, so its his music. All filmed in Raw, even filmed a few shots in 60fps raw and upscaled. No crashes. Filled two 32g cards (the newer 80mb sandisk) filming with the dancer. Post process was importing images to After Effects, then turning into H.246 in premiere and editing. Loved the outcome, still hoping they find a way around the 40mb write limit. Also, big help from using the VAF-6D filter. I highly recommend picking one up.
Share Your Videos / Music Video with 6D Raw
July 16, 2013, 01:49:36 PM

I shot all the footage of the singer performing as well as several landscape shots in Raw with my 6D. I was hired to use some other footage filmed by "story of america" with permission from a rally plus vintage footage of the singer's family. I think you can certainly tell where my 6D raw footage pops up. I was really impressed by the outcome. It was fun to use raw on a real gig. I will say the workflow did double my post work time, but it was easily worth it. I will be filming all of my music video gigs in raw from now on.