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Hi community!

I have had an old SD card for the hole time to use Magic Lantern from and now trying to copy the files to another SD card but ML doesnt boot.
How do I proceed to use a another SD in the same 5D3 camera as before?

Best regards, advice happily received :)

/ Karl
Hi Magic Lantern members,

I post here sometimes and today aswell. I've been thinking of trying to record in UHD anamorphic resolution but I like the preview and easyness off 1080p raw.

I've learned much over the years what settings in Resolve yeild high quality footage, and especially from a FullHD source. As I only like UHD on Youtube I tend to upscale to UHD.
FullHD looks very bad there. I've seen som Vimeo uploads recently and I might go back to that path.

The recording part isn't anything special since its 14-bit 1080p.
400 5.6 L lens and 5D3 and tripod is the setup. Nice feeling and composition feels most important. ISO 1600 is the highest ISO in this video.

I like colorful grades with a bit off contrast, this is not a flat look, the power off raw here lies in the colortwist, you might see tendese to banding because of big twist in color.
No LUT, instead I use the 3 pages of HSL in Resolve in the curve section. I use SuperScale setting to upscale and I imagine raw footage result in higher quality upscales.
I really like the noise reduction page in Resolve aswell as the Contrast Pop sharpening.

Hopefully you think the quality and grading is good, I've enjoyed recently to watch others UHD recordings and grades but this is only 1080p.

Hope everything is well with you during these surcumstances, good new year and XMas!

Raw Video / Would like to try 5D3 10 bit & 12 bit
June 14, 2020, 01:52:20 PM
Hi forum members,

I would like to try 10 bit and 12 bit recording with my 5D3,

Right now I'am running 2018 07 03 5D 1.2.3 build.

Is 10 bit and 12 bit recording availible in fullframe recording or croprec only?
Share Your Videos / Six year 5D3 Anniversary grade
June 07, 2020, 12:22:08 AM

Thought I could share this little edit I made for the six year anniversary for my camera in my hand. I'am very happy with the "grain" structure
mostly when viewing offline but it gets decent quality to Youtube to. I share some image exports from Resolve.

Shot on 5D3 and several lenses like Tokina 11-16, 100 IS macro and 400 5.6 L.

MLVs to DNG with MLVapp where i adjusted to max white level 16383 for better response in Resolve.

And in Resolve i edit and grade simultaneously and lastly make 3 groups of clips for best suited color noise reduction to keep the grain structure and I apply same sharpness on hole timeline.

UHD to 1080p downsize

UHD to 1080p center crop

UHD to 1080p downsize

UHD to 1080p center crop

UHD to 1080p downsize

UHD to 1080p center crop

UHD to 1080p downsize

UHD to 1080p center crop

UHD to 1080p downsize

UHD to 1080p center crop

Have a good day!

/ Karl
Share Your Videos / Flowers and birds walk UHD 5D3
April 28, 2020, 02:14:58 PM
As I tweaked my color settings last month I took my camera with me to the garden and forest where i live in Sweden.
To have some shots to grade. There is some stuff to set up in Resolve but now when I've learned it is fast to grade and cut with it.
I think the quality turnsout good on Youtube and that UHD upscale gets better quality on Youtube compression then 1080p footage does.
I grade inside a Arri Alexa transform node since I think thats the best log profile out there with smooth color transitions.

I just wanted to share this video since I read on magiclantern monthly. And I don't have any plans to upgrade my camera.
But I can say that I've learned so much about raw processing furing the years having a Canon ML RAW camera.
More that I should have learned if I bought a BlackMagic Cinema Camera with a conceived color workflow.
From now on I won't change a thing with the workflow. Maybe I will put sometime and learn more colortone combinations in grading
but I'am happy how the orange teal looks.

I use the good program MLVapp to go from MLV to CinemaDNG where I also adjust the white level on export from 15000 to 16bit max 16383.

Everything else i do in Resolve 16 Studio with only one end export when all cutting and grading is done. I think Resolve does a good joob
on upscaling and reduce the colornoise, the luma noise I let it be as it it since Youtube compression takes care of that mostly and it saves me time.

Share Your Videos / 5D3 14-bit, some skiing
December 29, 2019, 03:18:57 PM
Latest revision first:

Shot in 14-bit mostly slowmotion around 50fps in squeeze format.
Tried to go for a look with a wide range in it.
Hope you you like it. Need to use a tripod, those  movements on 100mm and 300mm is a tiny bit annoying :)

Happy new year and Xmas!

I like the easy workflow with MLV App as a start to adjust white level to 16383 from standard 15000.

Please watch in UHD :)

Edited my post

Added a video with correct color settings from Resolve
Took a walk this morning with my 5D3 400 5.6 L and a tripod made a little edit in Resolve and used the same workflow as i use to. My last adjustment is to adjust the white level before working with them in Resolve from 15000 to 16383 with Exiftool.
It makes a very big difference, thx to baldavenger for his great thread.
The 3 times crop zoom is very welcome with the 400 5.6. Thanks for watching if you watch :)

Hi Magic Lantern members! :)

I just did some small recordings last week in squeezed 1920px 60fps and thought I could use the 5x zoom button (that crops to 1x1pixel at 3x crop on 5D3) at feature I usually never use at the same time as i record 60fps slowmotion.
If I want to record slowmotion at the same time as croprecord I guess I need to find a sweetspot without the Canon 60fps setting and instead only use ML fps override with 45fps or what the camera can capture for a short time in 1080p resolution.

I got glitches on everyframe when combining crop rec and 60fps squeezed mode on all clips. Which didn't matter since it was just for fun and a test.

Happy rawing :)
Hi again Magic Lantern users and developers!

As I love my 5D3 with the ML 14-bit raw i post this video I made yesterday here.

There isn't any story in this, but since I really find the image quality from my Ronin M beautiful to look at I post it here :)

Took some hours to really understand how to get good statbilisation from my Ronin M with a longer lens like the 85mm used here, and it pays off and was worth it.

Processed in Davinci Resolve 15 Studio as always, and MLV to CDNG with the RAW2CDNG 1.6.1 by Chmee that I'am very glad he made!

Hope you like watching it, will improve grading later and use this setup in a video that has a story or longer thought in it.

UHD/4k upload to Youtube usually have done it.
Share Your Videos / Skiing in Norway, Alexa Mini
April 01, 2018, 02:18:10 PM

Got to test the Arri Alexa Mini during a ski trip to Norway!

Really like the real 4k ARRIRAW recording possibilities! No antialiasing problems or bad noise handling in low light.

A good camera that its a bit pricy but really recommend it, its overall a better image to grade with ARRIRAW, then previous tested ML 5D that I shot with for a while.

Happy shooting!

Quite easy to distinguish the quality of footage from a ML.

Enjoy in real UHD 4k!

Hi Magic Lantern members,

I get better at grading raw footage all the time I think. Started to upload to Youtube 4k instead of Vimeo since i like the quality of youtube now a bit more.

Just did a quick edit from some clips during some months, nothing special maybe but quite awesome quailty this camera with ML has to offer.

Have followed Juan Melaras in colorgrading some years and I really appriciate his blog and grading tips tried to use them here.

Think the footage looks good even though it's upscaled in Davinci Resolve from 1080p to UHD

Best Regards


Hi MagicLantern users,

Still like the 14bit 5D3 RAW a lot, 14bit is still king. Shure it's a heck of a old camera now, but what should you use instead?

I made a video however since it was to many days ago since the last time I used my camera, so I took it with me for a short walk. I think I can post this one here because I think the color grading is ok and so on, not much time took to make it. Took my Glidecam HD2000 and a Samyang 35mm 1.4 out for a walk. Grading is made in Davinci Resolve with noise reduction and a LUT 2383 by Kodak. Ofcourse I really like the RAW2CDNG app since I use Windows for making simple 16bit CDNG files fast!  ;)

Nothing special really but I really enjoy the quality of 14 bit RAW  ;D

Is it many Windows 10 user out here that use any cool app that batch convert MLV and RAW files?
I have use raw2cdng 1.6.1 (old and good version)  for that in Windows 7. But I will soon upgrade to Windows 10 so I wonder what apps is availible?
I've read that raw2cdng doesn't convert into seperated folders in Windows 10 which is very needed ofcourse, will try tomorrow on another computer with Windows 10.
But what are the other alternatives for Windows and Windows 10?

I made a short video how sweet raw2cdng is, something like this would be cool!  8)


Karl Allemyr
Share Your Videos / Midsommar at Österlén!
July 07, 2016, 10:27:45 PM
Had a great midsummer at a friends place! I think this is my video that I'am most happy with right now.
Improved my grading a bit I think. Shot 200gb of raw material during the evening.
Quite fast editing during some hours in front of my PC.

Davinci Resolve for grading and Premiere Pro for editing, using some XML back and forth. Some NR aswell.

I'am very happy today because i finally really got awesome quailty on my vimeo videos link here
I just used Hunters LUT. But I wonder if there might be a new even better one out there now.
I've tried Cinelog but I'am not very happy with it. Maybe I will try use a Alexa like workflow.

Kind Regards!

/ Karl Allemyr


I really like the Avid DNxHD codec within the Quicktime container. But when i output 1920x817 from Davinci Resolve or Premiere Pro it's adding black bars or stretch the video. Like it's locked for 1080p. I usually upload my video's on vimeo in 1920x817, so it is a bit of a problem to me. Tips very welcome.

Kind Regards!