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Hi Guys,

i stumbled over a video that shows how to shoot in 3x crop mode at full res with magic lantern

although this is NOT a widely needed feature at all, to zoom in at full res….  it accidentally shows a solution for a very much wanted feature at the same time.

Panavision's cinemascope ratio 1: 2,3

most serious DP's want to shoot in 1:2,3 cinemascope panavision ratio,.. which usually only can get done properly with an anamorphic lens like the Panavision adapter 7200 , which squeezes optically the width and leaves the hight , …. and then with a field monitor that understands how to squizz anamorphic as well , and after in expanding it again in finalcut for order to max out resolution of the chip of the camera.

of course this happens only with that smaller amount of access of pixels on the chip, which is very counterproductive to say the least.

a nightmare to be exact. and huge workload in the aftermath of using such optical anamorphic compressors, which need to be uncompressed after again in final cut etc..

but what you guys at Magic lantern have opened here is a new very much wanted access to the chips full res of the the chip.

in this video here :

he shows how you do the 300% AT FULL HD RES ,  or 3 x crop at full res.

if you were to do this,... but widen the YELLOW AREA spot to use the max width of pixels available on this chip ,
see first two picks , which are from this video, but then SEE MY 3rd EXAMPLE pic BELOW , you would have actually created a widescreen 1:2,3 ratio easily without ever loosing resolution any other way would loose , 
and of course the way AN OPTICAL adapter anamorphic ones would loose ,

again : THIS is a VERY big deal !!!!

if The Magic lantern crew would venture into this they are looking at a .."8k-11k".. capture, that's about 3 times more than an alexa can shoot with. Alexa Cameras  shoot at 4k, by the way..... its about the ma possible today
 (i will not talk about shitty RED camera stuff here, so don't ask)

these usually optical anamorphic adapters start at 1500 and go up to 10k, and most are not even built anymore.
even with those optical anamorphic lenses the resolution then is not even remotely close to what your crop mode , when used with max width use of all pixels available on this  chip could give us all …

see third image below where i enlarged the yellow are so it helps you may be understand this very sought after feature amongst P's out there..

also with adapter that create anamorphic compressions optically one is very limited to shoot closer than 4 feet…. so in reality this all is a big nightmare.

and your software could solve all this issues !

please let me know if this is something you are actually reading here, ….


i wish you insert image feature would actually work here, then i could attache 3 images that would visualize this very well, ....

here a link to the images that can show this easier ,.... and nope , this is not an optical challenge at all i am describing here with Magic lantern , so anyone suggesting optical solutions here , please read more carefully or leave this thread ..  (make sure you click on this thimbnail view in this link so you can see all three pics above each other)

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