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Share Your Videos / Anamorphic 5D Mark III guitar build
« on: July 02, 2022, 01:40:00 PM »
My day job offers a 4 week sabbatical at the 7 year mark and you have to spend 40 hours of that in charity work or self improvement. I got a guitar build for charity approved and recorded most of the process with Magic Lantern. I posted a rough cut of the neck construction at

The goal is to add narration, titles, transitions, etc., but just wanted to see how well it translated to youtube first.

I use a derivative of Danne's builds, which is basically just a few added aspect ratio options because I like shooting 2:1.

Settings are basically

2:1 aspect (1536x2300)
Bit Depth off
SD Overclock 160MHz

In RAW Video
Data format 14-bit lossless
Cross rec preview auto mode
Card Spanning On
Kill global draw On
Use SRM memory On
Small hacks af off
More hacks lvface

Cards are a 256 GB Komputer Bay 1066x and a 256GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s

In general I took 100 shots with ~2TB of video with very little problems; no dropped or corrupt frames. I had one file where the .M00 file was missing when I went to process, but that may have just been me not copying it from the card. At some point ML lost its mind and when I hit record I was actually shooting plain old Canon video. I wasn't looking at the back of the camera so didn't notice things looked different until the 4th shot, so there's a little in there that's just HD. A reboot brought it back online. A few other shots were cut short by me not paying attention to the free space before I started the next step, but all of them were good up until the card filled.

I did consider setting up the framerate so that it was shot time-lapse straight in camera. It would have saved a lot of space, but glad I didn't so I could speed up and slow down as needed to show detail in post.

I used MLV App to extract DNGs, and that was a little twitchy. Multiselect looks like it's working to Export selected clips, but doesn't really and it seems to reprocess the file in some situations where I don't think it needs to (e.g. after export, looks like it's reloading the file like it does when you first import). Occasionally it would just die. I may dive back into that later and see if I can put together a PR to help what I found.

I used Resolve 17 to edit and have been using it to record the planned voice over. I worked in 4608x2300 timeline resolution and Rec.709 color space. It would be nice if it respected the anamorphic size, but applying a Input Sizing Preset was fine as a work around.

Other than that, I did seriously consider buying a Blackmagic 6k before this started. I'm glad I didn't. The output is fine. 1600 ISO looks clean in this video mode and the detail was fine for the subject.

General Help Q&A / is there way to not show crop marks when zoomed?
« on: January 15, 2017, 06:05:57 PM »
So I have a handy custom crop mark bmp so I can see the framing when not zoomed. Using the new crop recording module, it already frames it correctly when I zoom 5x so I don't want to see it there, and at 10x, I'm checking focus so I don't want to see it there. Is there a way to only show the custom crop marks when not zoomed?


Modules Development / Tilt Calculator module (
« on: September 11, 2016, 07:17:27 PM »
Hi folks,

Posted here for feedback and suggestions; a module to calculate the appropriate tilt for tilt-shift lenses. Modeled after an android app I did a while back. Much quicker just to bring it up on the camera.

It puts a menu on the Debug tab.


Code: [Select]
Tilt Calculator

Tilt-shift lenses give amazing control of the depth of field by rotating the focus plane, but without knowing how much tilt to dial in, focusing can be frustrating and time consuming.
Tilt Calculator finds the tilt given your focal length and distance to the hinge point. No more trial and error focusing with your tilt-shift. Focus where you want it.

:Author: Eric Winemiller
:License: GPL
:Summary: Tilt Calculator


Code: [Select]
#include <module.h>
#include <dryos.h>
#include <menu.h>
#include <config.h>
#include <math.h>

static uint32_t focal_lengths[] = { 17, 24, 45, 90 };
#define FOCAL_LENGTH_TEXT "17mm", "24mm", "45mm", "90mm"

static float units[] = {10, 25.4, 304.8};
#define UNITS_TEXT "cm", "inch", "feet"

static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.focallength", focal_length_sel, 1);
static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.unit", unit_sel, 1);
static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.distance", distance_sel, 60);

static MENU_UPDATE_FUNC(degrees_update)
double height = distance_sel * units[unit_sel];
int degrees = roundf(1800.0f / M_PI * asinf(focal_lengths[focal_length_sel]/height));
MENU_SET_VALUE("%d.%d degrees", degrees/10, degrees%10);

static struct menu_entry tilt_calc_menu[] =
        .name = "Tilt Calculator",
        .select = menu_open_submenu,
        .submenu_width = 710,
        .children =  (struct menu_entry[])
                .name = "Focal Length",
                .priv = &focal_length_sel,
                .min = 0,
                .max = COUNT(focal_lengths)-1,
                .choices = CHOICES(FOCAL_LENGTH_TEXT),
                .help = "Select the lens focal length.",
                .name = "Unit",
                .priv = &unit_sel,
                .min = 0,
                .max = COUNT(units)-1,
                .choices = CHOICES(UNITS_TEXT),
                .help = "Select the unit for distance to hinge point.",
                .name = "Distance",
                .priv = &distance_sel,
                .min = 1,
                .max = 500,
                .help = "Select the distance to hinge point.",
                .name = "Tilt degrees",
                .update = degrees_update,
                .icon_type = IT_ALWAYS_ON,
                .help  = "[READ-ONLY] Set your tilt to this value.",

static unsigned int tilt_calc_init()
    menu_add("Debug", tilt_calc_menu, COUNT(tilt_calc_menu));
return 0;

static unsigned int tilt_calc_deinit()
menu_remove("Debug", tilt_calc_menu, COUNT(tilt_calc_menu));
return 0;




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