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General Chat / Camera dividers for my backpack/trolley
January 08, 2014, 04:30:41 AM
Hi all, i got a very good backpack that acts as a trolley bag as well and i would like to put my photo equipment in there without having to buy another backpack.
Do you know if there is a way to insert some kind of dividers into the main compartment so that my equipment is protected and sorted out?
Alternatively, is there a good way of doing something like this myself?
General Chat / New lenses from Canon and Sigma
November 07, 2012, 02:35:35 PM
What do you think about these lenses?
Canon is asking a bit too much for the new 35 although i can understand the IS implementation must have costed them a bit of redesign of the lens itself. The 24-70 f4 looks not that good to me, i can't really justify spending over 1200€ for an f4 lens when you can have a Tamron for less and the same stabilization.
I like the Sigma more, even though the lens barrel looks a bit awkward in design (i have yet to learn what Sigma has done to redefine its lineup of products) but the price is good and it should perform very well.
This is probably the first lens that lets the user control it, the USB dock can make focus adjustments on the lens and not on the body, as it works now.
Nice move Sigma.
About Canon, i see their new lenses are selling well but i can't help thinking that their latest products are a bit disappointing.
What are your thoughts?
Feature Requests / Stitch of silent pictures
October 29, 2012, 04:16:22 AM
Since i see silent pictures are working fine on my 50D as well even in 5x and 10x zoom and since other models have "high res" working, as far as i know, can we have a set of "several" shots taken in a row in different files, following the af-frame, so the only thing we would do is stitch them together in post?
I saw you enabled a buffer for silent pics, maybe that is helping? I don't see the issue if i take several shots and stitch them so i guess an automated function would be nice to have for those that can't use high res.
Scan of the frame with AFFRAME is already there, it just needs to leave a bit of overlapping between the movements and we're done.
I thought of doing it myself, i can sort of understand the code but it would take me at least a week to do, with my current knowledge and speed :D
Looks VEEEEERY interesting :)
This shows how useless is the Canon grip with just shutter button, wheel and zoom buttons replicated and nothing else.
Also, it is the most annoying grips since you can't just attach it to the bottom of the camera but it has to stick inside the camera itself (battery compartment) .
What do you think about it?
I saw this neat piece of hardware being sold for a bunch of euros on the internet and it looks like it can do lots of things thanks to its small size and power consumption.
Do you guys have it? What do you use it for? Can it operate with our Eos cameras somehow without plugging it to a computer?
Hardware and Accessories / Zoom H1 teardown
July 15, 2012, 01:46:16 AM
I've been looking for a teardown of this little thing for quite a long time since it is so weak i always feared it would break up at the first removed screw.
Somebody has done the job for me and you can clearly see what's inside the recorder with all the electronical and electrical components. Might be of use to someone, i thought.
I suggested this feature via email but i think it'll be nice to have for the older cameras that do not allow multiple points selection.
The feature is already in ML but you have to have particular settings to make it works and not everybody uses them.
It would be convenient to have the patterns as bmp on the card so you can see what you're selecting in the relative menu.
AF points pattern are already done (i saw them on the wikia) and it'll need to pair the visual hint to the actual selection.