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Raw Video / Tips to increase write speed
« on: October 22, 2013, 01:17:07 AM »
hey folks,

is there any tips on improving write speed to sd card?
currently my lexar pro 600x (rated at 45mb write speed) can only write at around  34.0mb/s

i've tried
global draw off
hacked no preview
memory hack on
extra hacks on

raw picture quality only
turning on camera in photo mode > load Raw Module only > Dont click me > switch to video mode

but i still get a max write speed of about 34mb/s
i guess its the card but is there anything else i can try?
(if any of my steps doesn't make sense or are outdated / no longer needed let me know lol)

and as far as the best bang for buck sd card for raw, so far the pick is Sandisk Extreme 45/45?

cheers guys

General Chat / Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:10:36 AM »
hello folks,

new member here so first of all big big respect to all the ML team for their great breakthrough with raw!
So basically im in a dilemma here, I just bought a 6D a week ago and have 1 more week before refund period ends.

At this point I know the recent RAW developments are really in an early stage, but whats the future of Raw with the 6D?
Im trying to read all these raw threads but its so hard to keep up

- Will the SD card interface keep it from recording full HD / 2.5k res?
- Will it be possible to eventually record full HD (ish) raw 24p for more than 1min at least? whats the current approx max recording time on the 6d and 5d III that were achieved?
- Any chance of Raw HDMI out at all in the near future? I read a thread stamped as [IMPOSSIBLE]. Could someone elaborate?
- What about line skipping / moire? hardware issue?

I haven't installed the current new port on the 6d yet since its still brand new and I might return it, currently running v2.3 on my old 60D
I'm very tempted to return the 6d and get a 5d III, it is worth it?

your input is needed!
thanks fellas

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