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Greetings, I am haveing a little trouble compiling a build with RAW and ETTR support for the 500D using the pre-built Linux box available here. I was hoping that someone would build a bin with these features for the 500D. Thanks again, to mk11174 for giving a build with Raw enabled, it has allowed me to test the Raw module on tis camera. One again, please build a current bin for 500d with raw and autoETTR enabled. Thanks so much...
p.s. if anyone is using the linux pre-built box and has some pointers on how to compile using it, I would love any advice.
Share Your Videos / 500D RAW test
June 10, 2013, 12:44:07 PM
This is great, I really like the depth and breadth. This was shot at 12fps on a 500D with Tragic Lantern Raw module enabled at 1532x524 and then up-res'd in AE. Minimal post-processing including a little sharpening, a little film grain, a little stablising (my lens was catching ever so slightly when follow-focusing with a Genus FF) I encoded to ProRess 422 and then transcoded to up to youtube. Thanks again to mk11174 for sharing the bin for 500D with modules enabled for raw!! If anyone knows how to enable auto ETTR on this camera, please share. Thanks to all devs of this wonderful software.